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#SubscribeToSmooth- Does Shaving lead to Dry and Flaky skin?

Hey everyone..

My week has been so hectic. Actually the last couple of weeks have been really hectic. There have been constant events and some travel plans, plus extra tuitions and a freelance assignment. I know I know you must be wondering why I am taking tuition when the academic year has almost come to an end. There are these parents who insist on giving their child a headstart when they enter 12th or 10th. And I, being the overly nice person that I am, cannot refuse when a person asks me to help. 


Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Bloggers meet.

The topic of hair removal is as sensitive as my skin post waxing. The very first time I waxed was about 7 years ago, and that doesn't mean that I was keeping myself like a grisly bear before that. I used to shave or use creams.


Casual Dressing with Clickroo

When it is time for you to venture out, don't let fear have you looking back at what you're leaving behind. 


H & M is opening in Bengaluru!!

*You better be good. You better save up. You better be ready, coz I'm telling you why. H & M is coming to town* (sing to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town) 


Summer 2016 Lookbook: What to wear in Goa [VIDEO]

So recently my sister and I had taken a mini vacation to Goa and it was with the sole idea of relaxing. We hung out at the peaceful beaches of South Goa and really enjoyed doing nothing. Just feeling the sand grains slip through our toes, sipping on lemon tea and watching the sunset behind the clouds as the wind playfully tugged at our tresses.


Winners of #SheWearsThePants contest

Hey everyone

Happy Women's Day!!

Here are the winners of the contest along with the link to read the complete stories- Click here.

here is a small video dedicated to all you beautiful women!!


Stay Strong!

miss kays


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CONTEST ALERT: Women's Day with Futurisk

Hey everyone..

Every woman has a story to share. Futurisk is offering you a platform to share your story this Women's day and what is more is that you could win prizes. Click here for more details.

Share with the world the experience that has made you a stronger and tougher woman. All entries to be sent by March 6th.