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Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Bloggers meet.

The topic of hair removal is as sensitive as my skin post waxing. The very first time I waxed was about 7 years ago, and that doesn't mean that I was keeping myself like a grisly bear before that. I used to shave or use creams.

7 years later and the idea of waxing still makes me cringe. I hate the feeling of having my hair ripped out from the roots. Sure it feels silky smooth later on, but somehow that has never enticed me to get waxed regularly enough. I have always shifted between shaving and waxing, and rarely using an epilator as well.

Now, for almost about a year, I have not gone to a parlor to get waxed. I have only been shaving. It is just so painfree and easy to do. So when I got the invite to attend the Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth event, I just couldn't say no! This is something that I have personally tried and tested and am extremely happy to talk about. Especially with summer here, this is my go-to method of hair removal.

Kannada film actor, Radhika Pandit, and well known aesthetic physician, Dr. Rashmi Shetty were there to talk to to us about their personal experience with shaving and more importantly help us to debunk any myths that surrounded shaving. 

Radhika Pandit praised how convenient it was to carry the Gillette Venus razor especially while she was shooting. She believes that as long as women know the correct technique to shave, they will always get the best results. One thing that she loves about the Gillette Venus razor is the aloe vera strip that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

*Gillette Venus Bloggers Event

*Gillette Venus Bloggers Event

Dr. Rashmi Shetty, is such a sweet person. We were lucky to have a nice conversation with her even before the event started. She is really approachable and easy to talk to. Dr.Rashmi Shetty talked to us about how important it was to moisturize the skin before and after shaving to keep the skin soft and supple. She also helped us to understand that many of the myths surrounding the idea of shaving are not true. A lot of these will be discussed in the posts to come. Oh yes! There is a complete series coming up. (P.S. she also gave a whole bunch of skincare tips but I think that needs a dedicated post. What do you think?)

*Gillette Venus Bloggers Event

The whole session was very interactive and there was a lot of discussion before and after the event. 

After the event in our usual style we went on a photo taking spree.

I wore a simple cotton kurta shirt for the event with red lipstick and my hair up in a bun. 

** Gillette Venus Bloggers Event

** Gillette Venus Bloggers Event

I have received the entire kit consisting of a Gillette Venus Razor, a pack of 4 blades, and the shaving gel.

While I have used the razor before, I have never used the gel. I will be sharing my experience on one complete month of only shaving incorporating some of the tips and tricks that we learnt at the event. Stay tuned for more #SubscribeToSmooth posts and if you have any specific questions related to shaving do let me know and I will answer them. 

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Please note the pictures marked with * was sent by the brand after the event, and the pictures marked with ** was taken by Satarupa. The rest of the unmarked pictures are mine.