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#SubscribeToSmooth- Does Shaving lead to Dry and Flaky skin?

Hey everyone..

My week has been so hectic. Actually the last couple of weeks have been really hectic. There have been constant events and some travel plans, plus extra tuitions and a freelance assignment. I know I know you must be wondering why I am taking tuition when the academic year has almost come to an end. There are these parents who insist on giving their child a headstart when they enter 12th or 10th. And I, being the overly nice person that I am, cannot refuse when a person asks me to help. 

Anyway thanks to the fact that I like to believe that I am Superwoman with more than 24 hours a day, this usually means that I have to resort to less time consuming options for doing the small things like keep my underarms and legs all clean. That's when shaving comes in handy. Especially in this hot season. 

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of women seem to shy away from shaving is because they feel that it leaves their skin flaky and dry. NOT TRUE!!!

Shaving actually removes the top layer of dead skin cells which means it will leave your skin feeling smoother over time. Shaving with a good razor like the Gillette Venus will ensure that there is continuous exfoliation occurring. The key point is that the razor blades need to be really fine and sharp to get a clean shave. The Gillette Venus also comes with a aloe strip which ensures that the skin is not tugged at while shaving.

Now to prevent dryness, there are a few pointers that Dr. Rashmi Shetty shared with us during the Bloggers meet.

Moisturize well before shaving. You could opt to use a shaving gel. I have been trying the Gillette Venus Shaving Gel for sensitive skin for the past week. It is really interesting. It comes out like a foam and is easy to apply on the skin. it leaves my skin feeling pretty cool and hydrated. The foam really makes shaving a lot easier and after shaving my skin feels really soft. Ever since I started using the the gel, I find that the dryness has really reduced.

Wetting the skin is important but do not let the skin soak in water too much. So shaving at the start of a shower would be the ideal time. When the skin gets soaked with a lot of water, it tends to swell and makes the shave less smooth. 

Dr. Rashmi Shetty also suggested moisturising really well after the shower to lock in hydration. The moisturiser you use should be suited for your skin type. I like to use a body butter to really keep my skin hydrated. Sometimes I just a body oil just to lock it in. 

I hope this answers any queries you may have with regards to dry and flaky skin. You can always check out the app if you have any more questions or leave them in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for the next post where we talk about more myths that revolve around shaving. 

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