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All Time Fav: NYX Blush in Mocha

Blush- a word associated with the effect a loved one has on you. For a beauty blogger, blush is that awesome product that can make you look like a sunkissed-diva or that fresh-faced-in-love look depending on what you are going for.

NYX Blush in Mocha is one of the first blushes that I picked up in a blog sale and has been a constant favourite for years now (I probably need to get rid of it soon because that is how long I have had it) 

The colour is a beautiful pink that is an everyday shade and makes you look like you are blushing from the inside. It blends seamlessly into my skin and works with any shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. The product is quite pigmented, so I like to dust the excess off the brush and then apply it across my cheeks. starting from the outside and sweeping it towards the inside. It lasts for about 4 hours on its own and when I use it over a cream blush, it stays on even longer. Close to about 8 hours. I have used this for so many weddings not just on myself but even on the bride herself (yes I have done bridal makeup)I had used this on a friend for her wedding, and she's a Coorgi, so the boy's side made us stand outside and dance for about 6 hours. Her blush did not budge!! I was so proud of myself.

The blush is soft and fine milled and works best with a fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Blush Brush. The packaging is a simple and easy to use. Nothing fancy. Just a flip open 

The NYX Blush is not easy to get in India, that is probably the biggest con. I know Sephora has now opened in some cities including Bangalore, but I haven't seen NYX blushes being stocked there. Maybe I missed them or maybe they have just not been brought to India.

If you can source this from anyone outside of India, please do. I have found that this works for skintones about 1 shade darker and a few shades lighter than my skintone. I am NC44 in MAC foundation. Most of the Indian women fall into this shade range, so it should work for most Indian woman. 

Here are some pictures for you to see how versatile this blush is. 

In other news when you guys read this I will be in my new house. No internet for a few days, so whatever posts go up are all scheduled. I should be back to blogging in about 3-4 days. Hopefully! 

Oh Oh! Do let me know if any of you guys know of any dupes for this blush. Something that is easily available here. This will be expiring soon and I will have to get a new one. Let me know in the comments section below.