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#SubscribeToSmooth: Does Shaving alter the hair colour and texture?

House shifting is such a huge pain!! We've been talking about shifting for a while now and suddenly I realised that we are 10 days away from shifting and I haven't started doing anything. I have to sort out my clothes, my accessories, the oh-so-many books that are lying around waiting to be  Right now this me typing out a bunch of blog posts to schedule for the coming weeks (or atleast days). There is SO much to do it is just driving me crazy.

Last week we talked about whether shaving does lead to dry skin or not. This week let's talk about yet another reason for women to be afraid of shaving. A lot of women believe that shaving can lead to a change in your skin colour. the texture of your skin, hair becoming more coarse and darker. How far is this true?

It isn't. The problem is when the hair grows back, the first 2 -3 days the hair feel a bit rough because it is in the growing stage. That gives an illusion of coarser hair. A good moisturizer will definitely make it feel softer and another tip would be to not wear clothes that hold tightly onto the body during the first few days after shaving. I generally wear skirts and salwar pants while avoiding leggings, and skinny fit jeans during those days.

Can the hair grow back darker? Well the hair colour is determined by genetics and not by the way the razor cuts it. So the chances of it growing back darker because of shaving is very slim.

There are also rumours that fly around about skin texture changing, and the colour becoming darker because of shaving. But come on, think logically. How is it possible for a razor to cause the skin to change colour? If anything the razor acts like an exfoliator removing the top layer of skin and causing the new skin cells to come to the surface which makes the skin look brighter and feel smoother. It is important that the razor used has well crafted blades like Gillette Venus. The shaving gel from Gillette has also helped to keep my skin feeling much more moisturised and soft.

We get so easily influenced by what everyone tells us and sometimes we miss out on trying something that could work for us. So go ahead, give shaving a try this summer and Subscribe To Smooth. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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