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#SubscribetoSmooth: Week 3

Summer evenings are my favourite. In Bangalore I love to chill in the evenings in a rooftop lounge with a mojito in my hand, just sitting and watching the beautiful crimson sky fading into the twilight. There is something that is just so relaxing and I feel at peace with myself. That is exactly where I would like to be sitting right now instead of sitting at home surrounded by half filled boxes.

While I type this blog post I am also trying to figure which of my clothes I can survive without and pack those, and whether I should pack my skincare as well. Yes yes still in the process of shifting. I know you must be wondering why on earth it is taking so long for us to shift. The truth is we are moving into our own house and there is this insane idea that everything should be like perfect. So I want to arrange all of stuff part by part (that way I can decide what else I need to buy for storage etc etc). Apparently that takes time. 

Meanwhile my tryst with shaving more regularly has been going fabulously. I know I told you I have been shaving for years so you may wonder why I say shaving regularly. Usually I go hairless only when I am planning to head out and wear sleeveless tops or dresses. Since I received the Gillete Venus kit complete with Shaving gel, razor and blade refills, I have been shaving almost once in 3 days. This is basically to test the effect of continuous shaving.

Here are the results.
1) The process is so much faster when you do it regularly. The hair is so small that it does not take much time at all. 
2) Using a shaving gel really gives a smoother finish.
3) Shaving regularly seems have reduced ingrowth. I am not completely sure of this,but it does seem to have reduced over the past 3 weeks.
4) The Gillette Venus is fabulous. I haven't had any cuts or nicks. It is painless, fast and easy to use.
5) I have no excuses to not wear skirts and am absolutely flaunting my sexy arms and legs this summer. (more ootds on that coming up soon)

Shaving is definitely my favourite method of hair removal. I haven't even thought about waxing in a while. I really doubt I can go back to waxing now that this has become so much a part of my routine
Do you have any more questions on shaving or have I convinced you to switch over. Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for the last post in this series next week.

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