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OOTD: For a Summer Brunch + A simple makeup look.

Of Yellow Skirts, Blue Skies, and Brunches


REVIEW: Live Unplugged with Asus Zenfone Max

Question- How to torture a blogger?
Answer- Give her a package but don't allow her to open it and share it on social media.


5 ways to dress fashionably when you are in college

It is end of May which means that soon enough you are going to be headed back to college or well starting college for the first time. College is a great time to experiment with fashion and your personal style. Now it has been a really long time since I graduated from college and I can safely say that looking fashionable was not a huge deal 10 years ago (ahem ahem yes I graduated almost 10 years ago) 
However college students today have a very different take on dressing so I decided to get you tips from the horse's mouth itself.


REVIEW: The Nature's Co Cherry Facewash

"I want you to do what Spring does with the Cherry trees"
- Pablo Neruda

PRESS RELEASE: Asus Zenfone Max + First Impressions.

Hey everyone

So if you follow me on Snapchat (Snapchat id is krupaln) you will know that I received the Asus Zenfone Max and unboxed it yesterday. Here is a very quick first impressions post along with the press release to give you all the technical details about the phone.


Nirmala Franklin Planner 2016- Overview and Review

"Organize life around your dreams and watch them come true"


A Rose Quartz and Serenity outfit with Splash Fashion.

Splash Spring Summer '16 Collection

"The sky was a pretty canvas of blushing oranges, electric pinks, deep blues and vibrant purples as the sun made way for the moon." - A.Z Green.


Moroccanoil Hair Spa at Bounce, Indiranagar. #ArganEveryDay

Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair. So I may climb the golden stair.