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5 ways to dress fashionably when you are in college

It is end of May which means that soon enough you are going to be headed back to college or well starting college for the first time. College is a great time to experiment with fashion and your personal style. Now it has been a really long time since I graduated from college and I can safely say that looking fashionable was not a huge deal 10 years ago (ahem ahem yes I graduated almost 10 years ago) 
However college students today have a very different take on dressing so I decided to get you tips from the horse's mouth itself.

Say hi to Pratibha, a fresh graduate from BITS, here to give you her top 5 tips on dressing fashionably for college. 

Disclaimer: Someone great, nowhere related to fashion industry, once said “as long as you're being a copycat, you will never be the best of ’em”. If you are looking to know the secret sauce of your campus diva, then now is the moment to stop wasting your time reading this.
If you are still reading this then it means that you and Coco Chanel share at least one thing in common.


College is the best place to experiment and explore your style. Stop wearing those regular jeans and t-shirt combo that made you boring. To be the new era Diva, you gotta try every style until you find what makes you feel comfortable and confident. I am giving you a 5 item checklist of must-haves in your college wardrobe.


1. Having a dress that screams you are ready to work is no harm. You might have to give a presentation or attend a conference someday and looking inappropriately dressed for the occasion would leave negative impression on your audience. You don’t want to lose out on anything that adds value to your professional performance, eh? ;-) J

2. You are your brand manager. Every time you walk out of your closet, you are making a statement about your brand. Choose it wisely. You could play it bold or sweet or cheeky or even nerdy. Whatever you do, make sure you just don’t fade away. What better way than to mesmerize with a statement palazzo like you own it. B-)
If you dress for it, you can have anything you want, not just the fish. ;-) J


3. This one is especially for the Disney princess inside of you who likes to twirl in a flowy dress. Enter the classroom ramp with a princess swag and utilize all possible opportunities to twirl in the long skirt that you always thought was too much for college.
College is about mostly fun and partly classes ;-) :-P



4. Looking Indian and fashionable are not two different things. Accentuating your kurti with a waistcoat will create enough drama to make you trendy and classy at the same time.
Life is too short to wear boring clothes. J


5. I accept that there are more than a few bad hair days and that you love wearing your boring pair of jeans those days. But that is exactly why you have to glam them up. Accessorise your favourite pair of jeans and t-shirt to pull off a cool yet casual look. Keep calm and follow the fashion guru.
“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” — Coco Chanel _/\_


That’s all for today folks. You never know, you could be the it girl tomorrow.
XOXO and you know how it goes. ;) J
Ahhhhh………my never ending love for gossip girl. ;)
Accept it, it’s the best tv drama you’ve ever watched. :D

Editor's note: For her first article, I think Pratibha has done a fabulous job. Let us know what you think are must haves in a college girl's wardrobe.

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