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Nirmala Franklin Planner 2016- Overview and Review

"Organize life around your dreams and watch them come true"

Hey everyone

So I am one of those people who loves planning! I love buying planners and I writing to-do lists etc etc. When I received the Nirmala Franklin planner, it was love at first sight.

Btw if you are wondering why anyone would need a planner in the middle of year, well

Here is why all I love it:

- So colourful and pretty that it makes me want to open it and write a to-do list to stay more organised
- Has a monthly overview and a weekly overview which makes planning on a day-to-day basis more simple.
- Both the monthly overview and the weekly overview has boxes with enough space to accomodate my huge handwriting
- Beautiful stickers that help me to categorize and prioritize my day
- Space left for meal planning (which I have been thinking about doing for a while), and weekly to-do lists/ goals
- A small folder to store important cards, documents etc when I am on the go.

Here is a small video showing you all about the planner.

Scroll down for more pictures.

Click here to head over to their website and order your own planner.

Let me know if you guys want Plan with Me types of videos.

miss kays

*The product was sent by the brand for my honest review and opinion