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Zest up your life with Tata Zest

Have you ever watched an IPL match in a stadium? Isn't the energy something else all together? The cheers, the shouts, the whistles and the chants make for an experience that is something else altogether. But have you ever wondered what happens to the poor players? I mean at some point they have got to get tired and will want something to zest them up, right? That is something that we all need. We all need that one thing that can refresh our minds and make us feel better. For some people just a mere cup of tea will do, while for others, well, they need to take a drive. Those who own a Tata Zest or have atleast travelled in one will understand that feeling.

I know a lot of people will agree that the Zest from Tata Motors is definitely one of the best sport sedans out there. Now I am no car expert but I was given the opportunity to test drive it and check out some of its features, and even I could make out what a fabulously smooth drive this is. This is one car that can cater for both, the lazy long weekend drive, and the hustle and bustle of city life with just the touch of a button. It comes with three driving modes- City (default), Eco and Sport. The change between the drive modes is made so that you can make maximum use of the Revtron Engine. The Eco mode helps you to drive long distance in an economical mode and the Sport mode is meant for those who have need for power. You can feel a positive rev in the engine when it kicks into Sport mode. Absolutely loved that feel. Think of it like Kohli's or ABD's 6s, now that is power.

The other feature that I absolutely loved was the Voice recognition system. It allows you to give voice commands to switch on the radio, shift between channels, call a person, etc. Gives your hands the freedom to focus on only driving and not fiddle with knobs on the music system. The Harman Connectnext Infotainment is responsible for this and it comes with 8 speakers that you have complete control over. You can play just the front speakers, or just the back or blast all 8 speakers as you party through the night. The classy dual tone interiors in Java Black and Latte really sets the car apart from the others in this range. It also comes with these really funky shaped rear view mirrors.

Tata Motors is the sponsor for the RCB team and well it doesn't hurt that they have 4 of the most able and uber good looking players endorsing them. We got to attend a meet and greet with the players (yes yes I can hear atleast 10 of my friends thinking, you lucky bum. #BloggerLife peeps!!). Imagine is, me sitting literally 10 feet away from these handsome hunks. uff!! Yes the place was definitely flooded with all of our drool.

Check out how chilled out they are

It was a fun filled evening with Danish Sait hosting the evening. That guy is a hoot! Absolutely loved the evening. There were some games, a question-answer session with the players, and even pictures with them. Talking about zesting up an evening!! The icing on the cake was definitely the fact that it was followed by a tasty dinner at Taj Westend and getting some RCB merchandise (yeah baby!). We bloggers had a blast and of course took a truckload of pictures. I mean this is why you should be following me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Then I wouldn't need to be telling you what a wonderful evening I had, because you would have seen it live.
This wasn't the only event hosted by Tata Motors. If you follow them on Twitter you would know that they had a lot of fun contests going on where one could win tickets to go and watch RCB play.

Bloggers in the front table

More bloggers

This is what happens to us bloggers during events. Always tweeting

Finally relaxing with dinner

Picture with the team

And hey, don't be jealous of me leading the high life, just get into the Tata Zest and the zestful life is yours too. In the mean time make sure to watch the finals and #ZestUpRCB.



P.S. all the pictures without the IshtyleAwhile watermark were pictures sent by Tata Motors.