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Decorating the house with Deco Window

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As most of you know, we just shifted house and the thing that excited me the most was doing the interiors. I designed all of our wardrobes (and yet I don’t have enough space for most of my stuff. Lets not even talk about that) and I really wanted to do up the interiors better than our previous house.

So before moving in, I kept watching a lot of the d├ęcor videos and DIY videos, and ways to decorate your room. I will be honest and say that my room looks nothing like any of the videos that I saw. That’s mostly because my grandparents will come to stay with us and they will use my room. I had to keep it functional and simple. Maybe, hopefully, when I move next time, I can do my room the way I really want.

Here are some ways in which I would love to revamp my room and redecorate it.

Decorative cushions.
I wanted to have a low bed that can double up as a diwan and this means that decorative cushion covers are a must. This is something that makes a room so classy, so elegant and it is something that I have always wanted to get. By having multiple decorative cushions, I can have different colour schemes depending upon my mood. I make the room look more festive or subtle depending upon the company I having that day. The decorative pillows make for comfy sitting and let’s not forget they would look great as props in product shoots for the blog like this orange cushion cover adds some amount of colour without being too in your face.

Curtains really complete a room. They add a distinct feel and personality to the room. The fabric, the colour, the print, all of these must be taken into consideration. For the hall, a double curtain is a must. Add a lace curtain behind and slightly thicker curtain for the front, so you can keep it open according to how much of light is needed for the room. Florals look great for a hall and of course now you can shop for door curtains online by fabric. Oh the convenience of online shopping!

Alternatively to add a dash of that 5 star feel to your home, use the ascot valance curtains. This is basically a V shaped curtains that hangs from the top and covers just the top section of the main curtains. Choose a velvety fabric in deep hues such a maroon with tassles to cover a light coloured door curtain such as a beige one. Make sure that that rest of your furniture has the same colour scheme. This will surely bring in a whole new dimension to the room. Don’t be afraid to play with different textures.

Wall Shelves
Getting space to showcase all your beautiful frames and books is hard when you have a small house. It is best to get some decorative shelves that add a dash of style of a room and have a lot of utility value. You could also place a few of these shelves next to a long mirror to create a vanity corner. The shelves can be used to store your makeup and skincare in one place. This is definitely what I would want to do because fitting a complete vanity set up is so not possible given the size of my current room.
My sister on the other hand would opt for decorative wall shelves in a corner along with a comfortable single sofa. Makes for a cozy reading corner if you stack up the books on the shelves, add a lamp and brew yourself a pot of tea. I think it sounds perfect for those weekend afternoons when you want to relax at home.

Tell me what else you think would look great to spruce up a house.

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