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What not to wear on the first day of college

I haven't blogged in 2 weeks!! What's wrong with me??  Okay... a bit too much drama? I've been up to a lot. A family trip. Some interesting shoots. Testing products. Getting back into the tuition routine now that school has started. And some other stuff in the pipeline that I cannot talk about just yet.
Anyway while I have been busy shooting, Pratibha has been busy working on some fun posts especially for those of you entering college. So lets see what she has to say today. 

Good old high school days of boring uniforms are long gone. It is that time of the life when we choose how we look at our own risk. Relax, I’m only talking about College. Robert Frost once said “College is a refugee from hasty judgement”. I solemnly swear that I would never say that. College is fun. College is the coolest place on planet earth (excluding few others). College is everything what you want provided, you are something what others want. Reaching up to those expectations starts right from day one a.k.a. D-day when you are dressed in your best hoping to give no less. Guess I scared you too much, huh? (I pinky promise a positive opening for my next post). 

Now the big question that could potentially make you sleepless - ‘What to wear on D-day!!!’ I’m sure that there are tons of articles confusing you by telling what to wear and how to look your best. I choose to do the same, differently. I truly intend to add to your confusion by giving a definite no-looks for the D-day.

1) "I don’t care how my good luck dress is” look

I totally support wearing your lucky dress as it makes you feel confident and happy. I sincerely appreciate the effort you are willing to put in by trying to fit in that pretty pre-school dress of yours. But, you have to understand that we outgrow dresses, shoes or anything physical for that matter. We have to move on. Don’t mistake me for suggesting you to let go of your lucky dress. You could take a charm (could be a bead, a button, a lace flower etc.) from it and keep it as a souvenir in your good luck bracelet.

2) "Do tailors really exist” look

When you buy a ready-to-wear dress of your size, you are paying for a carefully designed piece by a person who has never even seen you. They design it to fit the general population approximately of your size. You are not regular, you are special. So it is very important to get the fitting done even when you are almost sure that the dress is of your size. Moreover perfectly fit clothes make you feel confident. Confidence is a must for the D-day.

3)  “I got dressed in the dark” look

I understand how tough a theory can be and so is the colour theory, the stripe theory, the accessory theory, the polka dot theory……. (ugh…the never ending list of fashion theories). But you don’t have to be a pro at them to rock mix and match. I would suggest you to think twice and click a picture or two with all the accessories before walking the class room ramp.

4) “Lost little lamb” look

College is over whelming. All of us get lost in the never ending corridors at least once. It is worse on the D-day given that the campus is pretty new to us and we haven't had a tour around it. So it is okay to feel lost amidst the tall academic buildings and the huge lush green grounds. But what is not okay is to show that lost lamb look in your dress. It is important to look comfortable and confident because only then will you be able to welcome future with open hands.

5) “Never in my life used the trial room” look

No offence to the dress in which your fashion icon rocked, but it might be the worst choice for you on the D-day if it doesn’t suit you well. Some dresses are just tailored for a particular body type. Trying the dress before you purchase it is not a bad idea as against to taking the bullet of the fashion police aka seniors.

6) “I love fashion so much that I try everything at once” look

Everybody loves wearing trending dresses. But trends are not tailored individually. You need to decide for yourself on what fits your style and what doesn’t. Layering, for instance, is an eternal trend that adds the "wow" factor to your look. But if you might end up like above if u over-do it. The key is do it just the right amount – not over or under.

7) “Seasons are for climate, I’m eternal” look

Choosing the type of material according to the season is not an impossible task. In case you don’t follow the weather then it could end up being a disaster. Let us suppose you wore a pretty dress made of material that bleeds colour with white wedges. And it rains on the D-day. Perfect recipe for disaster isn’t it. My point here is that since most of the colleges start in rainy season, you have to plan your first day look accordingly.

Now that I have accomplished my task of confusing you, let me tell you what to wear in simple plain words. Pick any dress and flaunt any look that makes you confident provided it doesn’t fall in any of the above mentioned looks.
That’s all for today folks. Keep an eye or two for more college related articles.

- Pratibha

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