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5 Blog Post Ideas for a rainy day

Don't let the rain dampen your writing

The title of this blog post is quite literal. With monsoons having set in, getting good pictures for the blog is becoming harder and I can't get a product review up without pictures to support it. Yeah sure, I usually have a repertoire of images to fall back on most of the time, but at some point even that stock kind of runs out. I hate to keep you guys waiting for something new to read and I am sure many other bloggers feel the same way. So here are 5 blog topics to inspire you to have some content even if the rain washes out your photographs. This one is for you my blogger friends.

A) 5 favourite YouTubers/ Bloggers.

We all have those youtubers and bloggers who we like to follow. The ones who inspired us to start our blogs, the ones who turn to when we need some tips or tricks. It would be a great idea to tell your readers who are your favourites and also to show fellow bloggers some #girllove. It introduces your readers to someone new, and lets not forget the advantages of linking to other websites to grow your blog. (See what I did there)

B) 5 All time popular posts.

Head down memory lane a bit and check out your blog stats of older posts. List out the posts that your readers have loved in the past, the one with most views, most likes, most interaction and make an article with that. Your new readers will love to have more posts to read and the older readers will enjoy the throwback. It is a very refreshing way to do a #tbt post and backlinking to your own posts is definitely supposed add to better SEO.

C) 5 Things I have learnt as a blogger.

Trust me, an article like this is always a huge hit. People love learning what mistakes others have done, not to laugh at them but to know mistakes they should not be making. This is a great way for rookie bloggers to get on the right track earlier. I think we bloggers will grow as a community if we all help each other, which is why I have started offering to help newbie bloggers to grow their blog with small workshops personalized for them, either in person or via Skype. I know how long it has taken me to reach where I am today and if I can teach someone else to not make the same mistakes that I made, well that always gives me a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. We can grow better if we help each other up and not stamp on each other. So go ahead, share what lessons you learnt in a blog post.

D) 5 Things you didn't know about me.

Blogging is personal. No one likes a sterile blog where all they read is information on prices and quality of packaging. Readers want to know YOU, where are you from, what are your likes, what are your fears, your stories. Don't be afraid to put a bit of yourself out there. It is the best way to connect with your audience.

E) 5 Products on my Wishlist

This could be makeup products, skincare, clothes, books, whatever you please. Everyone wants to know what is in your wishlist and why. Who knows, the universe may actually end up gifting it to you if you put it out there.

Well I hope I have sort of given all your bloggers out there some ideas to keep you going with regular content this monsoon season.

What are your fall back blog post ideas? Share it with me in the comment section below.

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