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6 types of bags for College

Keep Calm and Carry the BAG ON!!!
-          For the love of College Bags

-Post by Pratibha

Bags are an integral part of student life. They have handled tons of problems printed on plain sheets of paper (read Math textbook) ever since we started schooling. College is high time that we show some love for them and not overburden them with our problems. After all, we don’t want to trouble the guy who carries our love, the BAG!!! So, why buy a bag for the heck of it. I have done some research on suitable bags for college and proudly present you the list of possible options.

1. Messenger bag

Once upon a time (pre internet era), there was a postman who carried messages in a bag irrespective of the day. Some of you must remember him from your childhood days. He used to ride a bicycle. He never missed a day ‘coz he knew you would be waiting. He still inspires me to get going even when I don’t feel like. I put on a messenger bag (current name of the postman bag) that day and keep going. I think it is perfect for college especially when you plan to ride a bicycle. Even if you don’t have a bicycle this bag can fix your bad hair day.

2. Tote bag

These are undeniably the most famous among college students. They are light and cute. They come with loads of space ‘coz they don’t have a zip on top. Also, there are so many options available in market. They can be paired with formals, casuals, and even ethics depending on the design you choose. They are very functional and can be worn for many occasions. No wonder it got so famous.

3. Laptop bag

The name says it all. You don’t have to worry about protection for your laptop once you have this. They are well cushioned, have compartments for your laptop accessories (charger, usb-cable etc.) and waterproof too. You can choose if you want to have a messenger style or backpack style among them. Need I say anymore!

4. Jhola bag

These are super chick, super comfy and super cool. What else can add more ethnicity to your look than these bags. These are eco-friendly and mostly local made (read local art work). They can be short, they can be super long but they definitely steal our hearts.
Style tip – Be a sport and play it bold with these bags

5. Hobo bag

If you want to look classy and casual at the same time then this is your one stop. Its crescent shape makes it easy-to-go-with look. It is great for college because it has just enough room for all your woes and ecstasies. Moreover you don’t have to worry about finding the right dress to match with this. It pairs well both western and ethnic wears.

6. Backpack

Undoubtedly, this is the hero of college bags. It helps to find the right balance in life with its twin handles. Leaving the philosophy apart, this bag is perfect for people who are on the run (literally). What’s more, Backpack 2.0 comes in many colours and styles which are critically acclaimed by many fashion fiestas. Moreover, you know how to pair it since childhood.

You can thank me later, just grab the right one (or more) that fits your needs.
Keep calm and wait for the next post ;) :P :D

Editor's note- I am totally into backpacks even now. Tell us what bags you like to carry to college.

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