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AVATAR #7: 1 FabIndia Kurta in 4 ways

When I look back at my journey through fashion I am amazed at how much my taste has changed. Not just the way in I dress but the way I shop has significantly changed and I know for sure that it is because of this blog. I really pay a lot more attention to detail and look for pieces that are versatile. I mentioned in a previous post that I am working towards building a new wardrobe and I have more than one reason for that (more to be revealed in about 10 days). I know I promised an updated post on my wardobe and here is one of my favourite pieces currently.

This FabIndia kurta caught my eye when I was actually helping a friend to shop (yes yes I am the personal shopping assistant for most of my friends). The minute I saw it I could visualize wearing it in atleast 2 different ways and decided that it was definitely worth the buy. It was only after I wore it for the Wella event that I realised that I would style this is in more ways than I had realised.

So here are just 4 ways.

Look 1: Neutral tones.

Beige is one colour that pairs really well all other neutral colours. I kept it really simple with a fishtail braid, a sand brown bag and a comfortable pair of plimsoles. I played completely with warm neutral tones that complemented each other and weren't an exact match. I know a lot of people may think that brogues might have been a good way to go for this outfit, but the plimsole is less structured and keeps with the casual look. Hence I went for that. My makeup was kept equally simple with just shades of peach and brown.

Where to wear this?
I think this look is perfect for a day out with friends.

Look 2: A pop of Red.

Whenever I think about adding a pop of colour, the first colour that pops into my mind is definitely the colour red. I kept all of my accessories very ethnic and each added a different texture to the outfit. The chain is made of cloth beads, the bangles are all wooden and my earrings and juttis are threadwork. I love how this adds a lot of detail to the overall look. For the makeup I defined my brows some more and added a light rosy red lipstick which still keeps it looking fresh. Of course the highlight is the red bindi. Normally I would have done kajal, eyeliner and red lipstick with the red bindi, but decided to try something different this time.

Where to wear this?
I think this look can worn for events at work or in my case blogger events.

Look 3: Ethnic Teal

Being a kurta style top, I naturally had to pair this with leggings. Of course the beige pairs well with any colour leggings- black, red, brown etc. I chose teal. The choice of colour was based on the fact that I am a huge fan of the peacock shaped pendant that I have worn. This set was gifted to me by my cousin and I absolutely love it. I finally got some kajal and eyeliner on and went for a pink lipstick to complement the teal colour. Golden footwear, lots of bangles and a black bag adds to the festive attire.

Where to wear this?
I think you could wear this even for a wedding reception if you throw on a dupatta/ stole. It is smart, elegant and gorgeous to get some attention on you at a wedding without any bling.

Look 4: Indo Western Black

If this had been thinner material it would have worked really well as a cape, but I think the linen is a bit too thick to work that way. So I decided to try something different. Something more sleek. I unbuttoned more than half the buttons so that it created a slit effect, wore a pair of well fitted black pants and black earrings. This would also work well with a crop top and the kurta left completely unbuttoned like a sleeveless long jacket. I pulled my hair back into a smooth ponytail and applied a matte lipstick to complete this sophisticated outfit.

Where to wear this?
Date night, clubbing, a dinner with your boyfriends' friends. Any time you want people to see you as a woman of haute couture.

I know there are so many more ways in which this can be styled and accessorised. I will keep posting pictures on my social media each time I wear this differently.

Do let me know which is your favourite look and more importantly, let me know what other ways I can wear this. 

Picture Credits:Iris Montage

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