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Dilli Wali Khau Galli Festival at Barbeque Nation, Bangalore

Would you believe if I told that I have never eaten at Barbeque Nation? Ever. Don't judge me. I am a vegetarian and I was always told that it was better for non veg food, so I never saw a point in going there to watch my friends eat. Clearly blogging brings along opportunities to try new things that I would probably never try otherwise.

Well I am not a food blogger and the last time I went to Delhi was in 1995, so I am definitely not going to be comparing the food that I tasted in terms of authenticity. I will just stick to describing the flavours as best as I can.

As I am sure most people are familiar with the ambience at Barbeque Nation, I am not going to go into too much detail. I will say that the decor was pretty desi with the traditional style chaat stand which of course was a live chaat counter, matka handis cooking away the biryani and even a cyclewala handing out aam panna and pudina chaas. With some fun Bollywood numbers playing in the background, we sat down to getting started with the grills.

For vegetarians, there are about 4-5 choices in starters, and for non vegetarians, there are close to about 7 or so including some of Barbeque Nation's standard grills.

Our favourite grills in the veg section would definitely include the Pudina Ananas ke Tikki- which is basically grilled pineapple. We loved the combination of the tangy pineapple and some hot chilli, which absolutely plays with your palate. The other winners in the vegetarian arena would be the Tandoor Malai Khumb- a mushroom based grill, which was tender and well marinated with flavour.
Between their Dahi ke Kebab and the Cajun Spiced Potato, I was lost in starter heaven and slightly lost track of how many pieces I ate. The Cajun Spiced Potato is like Aloo Dahi chaat with a twist, and the Dahi ke kabab, is crispy, tasty and the hung curd adds a slightly more pungent flavour.

Dahi ke kabab

Vegetarian starters

In the non vegetarian section, the Dilli ka Dhaba Murgh Tikka is worthy of mention because of the tender, well marinated chicken. Other than that, we think it is better you don't binge eat the starters and head over to the live kabab counter. The famous Dilli Waali galaoti kabab must not be missed. Of course we can't compare it to the original, because, umm, well, we really have no idea how that tastes.

We then moved into the chaat section and started with paani puri to wash down the grilled items and make space for the main course.

Kache paneer ka biryani

Chandi Chowk ki Subz Biryani

The Kache Paneer ka biryani paired with Dhelvi Aloo Katiyala, a sliced potato slightly seasoned with spices, and Dunkaar Anjeer Kofta Curry, is a winning combination. The slightly sweet fig flavour of the kofta paired with the pungent flavours of the biryani is making me salivate even as I just think about it. The Chandi Chowk ki Subz Biryani is not as spicy as one would expect from a biryani and therefore it is best to pair it with the Makhmali Paneer. If you are allergic to cashew nuts, then stay away from this paneer dish.

Dhelvi Aloo Katiyala

Both the Sarai ki Mughlai Dum ka Biryani and Ballimaran ka Gosht Biryani are tasty without being spicy. So if you are looking for that biryani that makes your eyes water along with your tastebuds, then this is not for you.

Non veg biryanis

If you follow IshtyleAwhile on snapchat then you would know that I had dessert before main course, and then had dessert again. I mean when there is Shahi Tukda AND gulab jamun, we had to do justice to both. The Shahi Tukda, was cripsy when you bit into it, and as you chewed you would get that flavour of milk with sugar and a hint of cardamom oozing in every bite. The gulab jamun was bite sized and after Bhagatram gulab jamun, this is one of the BEST I have had. If you are not from Bangalore you will not understand the comparison, so never mind.

Now that I am done making you drool, head over to the closest Barbeque Nation- (Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Lido Mall, Kormangala, Kalyan Nagar, Electronic City, Whitefield) and try this Dilli Wali menu.
The food festival is on in Bangalore till August 7th, so you should really get a move on it. Don't forget to tell us what was your favourite dish.

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