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How to style statement accessories feat Confusion Fashion Accessories.

Make a statement without saying a word.

Statement accessories are for everyone. This is something that I truly believe. I have seen a lot of my friends shy away from wearing statement pieces because they are afraid that it will look a wee bit too much. There is this common thought that statement pieces are meant to be worn only for weddings or festive occasions. I beg to differ. If worn correctly I think statement pieces can be worn even to work. It is just a matter of choosing the right pieces based on your outfit and of course making sure to not go overboard with accessorizing.

Confusion Fashion Accessories is a brand that caters to a variety of styles. They have a lot of beautiful statement pieces and even a few minimalistic pieces like a simple pearl chain. I chose three pieces, not to be styled by me, but to be styled by 3 of us, so that you can see how a statement pieces can really lift a simple outfit.

The girls I shot with are not just best friends and followers of my blog, but two women who have extremely different styles from each other and it was so much fun to style according to their personality.

How to Style Statement Accessories

How to Style Statement Accessories

The Golden Kada Bracelet (Priced at 850INR)
Meet N. She is one of my closest friends and more like a sister. Her style is generally very minimalist and she does not wear statement pieces a lot. To ease her into wearing an accessory that could attract a lot of attention, I styled this golden kada on her. The simple black outfit she was wearing, was really lifted to another level because of this pieces. At the same time, it didn’t look blingy that it stood out awkwardly. The other reason the kada really suited her, is because she doesn’t have stick-like wrists like me. I find that bracelets like these look terrible on me because I have really small wrists and need a bracelet that is very fitted.

I think this outfit would work for a day when you are feeling like dressing up for work or when you have to rush for some event post work.

How to Style a Statement Bracelet

How to Style a Statement Bracelet

Styling Tip- When choosing a statement bracelet opt for one which does fits well. Don't take a very wide or loose one if you have very thin arms, as it will definitely make your arms look malnourished.

The Blue and White earrings (Priced at 850INR)
Meet S. In contrast to N, she is definitely a louder personality and naturally a very elegant person. This elegance is what I wanted to highlight and so I chose to style her with a pair of statement earrings. The blue in the earring matched the blue of her salwar and complemented the blue and pink anarkali beautifully. Her long neck was played to her advantage in this outfit and the length of the earrings were perfect for her longish face. 

I think this outfit works great for a Mehendi/ Sangeet function because it isn't too heavy. 

How to Style a Statement Earrings

How to Style a Statement Earrings

Styling Tip- While shoulder duster earrings may be in trend, always take a moment to consider whether it will suit your neck and face before investing in a pair. The length of earrings must be proportional to your face. 

The Green Thread Necklace (Priced at 1150INR)

For myself, I decided to take something that has a bit of a indo western feel. I wanted a statement necklace that I could pair with contemporary saris and western clothing. I loved how understated this statement necklace was. It could really catch the eye without looking like I was attending a function every day. I chose to pair it with a kurta from FabIndia (which I have styled in many different ways and that post will be up next week). It is a really versatile dress can be dressed up or left as is in that simple fashion. The khakhi green against the beige of the dress really brought out the colour of the necklace. I am actually wearing a light brown lens in this to complement the green of the necklace.

I think this outfit would work well for a weekend lunch with friends.

How to Style a Statement Necklace

How to Style a Statement Necklace

Styling Tip- Statement necklaces some in so many different varieties and lengths. Decide how long you want to go, because that determines which part of the body you highlight and which part you hide. A shorter closer to the neck type of piece will draw attention to your face and away from your mid section. People like me who are not toned would choose a pieces like that. While something longer and bulkier will draw attention to the midriff. So choose the length carefully.

How to Style a Statement Accessories

Finally all those years of hoarding accessories is now helping me to give you all some styling tips. I hope they were useful. Remember- Less is More.

Do let me know what your favourite statement accessory is in the comments section below. 

Picture Credits- Iris Montage
Accessories courtesy- Confusion Fashion Accessories.

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