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IshtyleAwhile 2.0- Blog updates + Life updates

Everything happens only when the right time comes. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been talking about redesigning the blog since last October. Now, like about 10 months later, it has finally happened.

Why did I redesign?
Well one reason was definitely because a lot of people told me that they were having difficulty navigating my site. It was too cluttered, chaotic and honestly needed an upgrade. The problem was the fact that I didn't know how to go about it. Also I was considering shifting to Wordpress.

How did I do it?

Well I asked a couple of web designers who quoted some insane prices to migrate to Wordpress, make a mobile responsive design and create a new template. 

Then I considered just migrating to Wordpress and using some in built template. 

Finally I took a call on not shifting to Wordpress because Blogger is my comfort zone. I also checked with a few popular bloggers and when I saw that they were still on Blogger with some amazing themes, I saw no reason to shift out of here.

Well it just so happens that I have been a very sincere follower of Kotrya Bass Designs for quite a while now and she had a sale on themes for blog recently. This was my sign to change. I just took the leap, bought the template at 50% and started to install it. 

I have to admit that my sister and I did struggle a bit to install it, especially the social media icons on the top bar. So I reached out to Kotrya Bass Designs and they had it set up for me in about 4-6 hours flat. I am not kidding! The most efficient customer service ever!!! Like I cannot get over how fast things have happened, which means that I had originally thought I would relaunch the blog only by 30th July, but it went up 3 days in advance. I am so happy that I am practically trembling with excitement and I can barely type this. 

Huge huge shoutout to Kotryna Bass Designs for helping me on this. 

Btw, my overall cost for getting this done was 1400INR. No extra cost for setting things up. Just the cost of the template.

Welcome to IshtyleAwhile 2.0.

1) My blog posts will be only twice a week as of now (Monday and Thursday at 10am). I know you must be wondering why I am reducing the number of blog posts per week. Patience, my child, I will get to it.
2) I am starting a newsletter which will either be biweekly or monthly. not yet sure on that. Make sure you are subscribed to me by email to get to know when I will be releasing my first newsletter.

3) I am restarting my series- 27 dresses and making it a bridal series, because well, ahem ahem, I am engaged. Yes yes that is the life update that I have been waiting to tell you all about. More on this in the next post, for sure, and this is why I will be blogging only twice a week. I have about 3 months to go for the wedding, so I have A LOT to do.

4) I am hoping to make some YouTube videos every month. Not sure how frequently yet.

So this is what all has been happening, this is what is new in my life. 

Do comment and let me know what you think about the new design. Let me know what sort of posts you would like to see from me. Talk to me people, I want to know what's on your mind. 

I am so excited. Yaaay!!!

with love

miss kays


P.S. I am so sorry that all your previous comments in older posts have disappeared. Thats the problem with changing the template. 


  1. Krupa, one thing I really, truly appreciate on your the transperancy! You're so honest and upfront with everything and that keeps me hooked on to your blog. Take for example this very post...your honesty brings clarity and vision to newbies like me. Right from the reason you re-designed to the cost, you're so transperant with your audience :-) Thank you ... for being you... within & outside the blog! Love you so much!! Officially want to congratulate you on your engagement...waiting for more bridal posts from you Darling!! :-)

  2. Wow!!! That's a great news... congratulations dear😃

  3. Wow I love your new design and ahem ahem I guessed the news while reading the first update and there it is in the second line - congrats girl ;) :* And oh ya eagerly waiting to read your bridal series! :D

  4. Congratulations on your engagement. 3 months is a short time. I had less than 2.5 months to plan everything for my wedding and it was madness. Despite the crazy schedules and the running around I really loved it.

    1. I am in the position right now!!1 Insanity!

  5. Congratulations Kay!! :) and one more thing, what I love most about your blog is that your posts always manage to relate to what's going on in your life, at the moment. So I am very happy that you are going to do the bride series, coz things like these make a blog personal! Congrats again & cannot wait for your fun posts! :D

    1. Hello hello... I changed the design right. so the older comments system disappeared and the default one came.

  6. Don't know why its making me post with blogger but you know who I am :D Srishty from Life of Srish

  7. congrats for your new life ahead.