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REVIEW: Nutrus Green Coffee

Would you believe it if I told you that I have not had coffee in over 3 years. I stopped having coffee when I realised that it was giving me some major acidity issues and my dermatologist told me that it could be causing my acne. I have tried having coffee in all forms. hot, cold, pastries and even chocolate, but nothing works. It is like instant coffee gives me instant acidity. So yes, coming from a hardcore Tam Bram family, I wake up to the smell of fresh filter coffee and Suprabatham every morning, but I don't drink it.*sigh* Life works in strange ways.

When I got the opportunity to try green coffee, I was actually quite hesitant. I mean it is COFFEE, so whats to say that the green form of it won't give me acidity. I decided to take a risk and try it anyway, because worst case scenario my sister is there to give it a try.

I know green coffee sounds really weird, and trust me when I say I was super skeptical about how it would be, but of course as a blogger I went ahead and did a little of research on it. Turns out that it is not such a foreign concept after all.

What is green coffee?
Basically coffee that is made from beans that have not been roasted. This means that is it chock full of  antioxidants especially chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is know for its ability to help with weight loss and reduce diabetes. Green coffee beans contains close to about 50,000 ppm as against peanuts which contains only 12 ppm of chlorogenic acid.

Benefits of Green Coffee
The Chlorogenic acid in green coffee promotes fat-burning in cells which translates to weight loss. It also slows the intake of glucose and reduces insulin products which helps in controlling Type 2 diabetes (the most common form).

What I think about Nutrus Green Coffee
Priced at 225INR for 20 sachets.

The preparation is very simple. Take the coffee powder in a mug, add hot water and then drink.Or add hot water, cool it by placing it in the fridge,

The first time I tried it, I put too much water, so it was very diluted. Well that's what I thought. I have had a cup of green coffee every day for the last 5 days and still I feel that it is a very dilute concoction no matter how little water I put. In comparison to green tea which really strong and potent, this seems super tasteless. It smells fabulous, just like those cups of ready to drink Mocha or Frappe that you get in stores. The best part is that it does not give me acidity.

I am not sure of this is how green coffee is supposed to taste or whether this particular one is very light. I have nothing to compare it to unfortunately.

Does it help with weight loss?
I truly cannot comment on that because I have had it for just 5 days.

I wish this coffee would have lived up to its name of Coffee Punch. I expected something much stronger.

miss kays


Disclaimer- I got this product from Influenzer which is an Influencer marketing agency in India


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