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Review of Everteen Products + 5 Tips for a Happy Period

Run, Dance, and Sing. Don't let your cycle get you down.

Periods is a topic that has never been discussed on IshtyleAwhile. No. I am not like one of those girls who is too shy to talk about her menstrual cycle. Nor do I go about putting up statuses about how I hate being on my cycle so that the entire world knows it. It is a natural phenomenon, something that every woman has to deal with, and that is exactly what I do. I deal with it, not make a deal out of it. I thought I would take you all through what I like to do keep myself going during "those days" of the month.

Lets first talk about Hygiene.

Your intimate regions need extra care on a regular basis and even on your cycle it is even more important to pay attention to this.

To keep things clean, I usually like to start with a bikini line wax a few days before my cycle starts. I will completely honest and say that I hate hair removal in any form because hair growing back is the worst feeling ever, especially in the intimate regions. However it is important to keep things neat and tidy down there as long hair could be a breeding ground of bacteria and lead to infections. So after years of trial and error I have figured out what length of hair is short enough yet long enough for me to be comfortable. I like to use scissors to trim it and just on the bikini line (even though I have never worn a bikini) I like to use Everteen Creme Hair Remover.

The Everteen Cream Hair Remover Bikini Line, priced 149INR, is made especially for the sensitive skin around the bikini area. I would advise against shaving the bikini line because it is a very fiddly region and the chances of getting cut are high. That has happened to me in the past which is why I shave my arms and legs but prefer cream to remove the hair around the bikini line.
The Everteen cream smells just like any other hair removal cream but it is not as pungent as other brands that I have used in the past. It comes in a tube that is easy to use and a spatula to make it easy to spread the cream. This product also comes with 4 coin towels, well it is supposed to come with 4 coin towels but my packet has only 2 for some reason. The coin towel needs to be dipped in water for 5 minutes to grow to the full size. Then you can use it to wipe off the cream.
In exactly 5 minutes you can see that the hair has started to shrivel and when you wipe it with the wet towel, the hair just comes off very easily.

Once you have removed hair from the bikini line, it is important to not put any soap product in that region as it could cause some irritation. That's when it is a good idea to use intimate washes. Soap is generally too harsh to be used to cleanse your intimate regions as a change in pH can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. Everteen has both, an intimate wash and wipes, I opted for the wipes.

The Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes are priced at 99INR for 15 wipes, and are perfect for a woman on the go. They are individually wrapped so you can just pop a few into your bag for the day. This is the easiest to use when I am travelling as you all know that public toilets can sometimes be really dirty and not have water. I also use these when I am on my cycle because it is important to maintain the hygiene of the intimate region. They do not cause any sort of irritation and smell quite pleasant.

I am one of those lucky girls who does not get killer cramps when on my cycle, which means I continue be quite active even at that time. I have run at sports meets, played basketball, done handstands, danced on stage and cycled for about 12 kms in a day, all while on my cycle. I have never let my period stop me from going out and living life, which means that the sanitary napkin I use has to keep up with me. What I loved the most about the Everteen Sanitary Napkin was how comfortable it was. It has a cotton cover, is thin and quite long (290mm). It feels super soft in comparison to other sanitary napkins which have a plastic cover. There are wings to hold it place and it is quite absorbing. I found that I only needed to change the napkin once every 6 hours even on the day with my heaviest flow. *sigh* where was this napkin during my school and college days. It would have been such a saviour at that time. The only con is that this is priced at 249INR for 10 pads which is a bit pricier for every time use. So I just use these when I know I have a LONG day ahead of me.

Now for all your girls who feel low during your periods, here are some tips to keep you going.

Tips for a Happy Period.

1. Don't stay cooped up at home- I love making plans and going out when I am on my period. The distraction is just what I need to forget all about even being on my cycle. Lets not forget, there is nothing that a good red velvet cake or retail therapy cannot fix.

2. Be comfortable- I like to keep a cushion around all the time,because I constantly need some extra support for my back.

3. Sleep on a hard surface- My back is what hurts the most for me, so I prefer to just throw a mattress on the ground and then sleep. I find that it really works wonders for my lower back pain.

4. Use a hot water bottle- I swear this is the best thing in the world. Stomach cramps, back cramps, just to keep warm, whatever be the use, it is always a good idea to keep a hot water bottle handy.

5. Chocolate- Well it goes without saying that chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. I am personally a fan of milk chocolate.

So there you go, just don't let it bother you. Like seriously girls, the world does not have to come a halt because you are on your period. Just remember that and have a happy period.

What do you do to have a happy period? Share your tips with us down in the comments below.

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*Disclaimer- The products were sent by the brand in exchange for my honest opinion.