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What your fairy godmother doesn't tell you about college.

Giving you the good, the bad and the ugly about college

- Post by Pratibha

As much as I hate giving advice, I am writing this piece ‘coz fairy godmothers aren’t well versed in this field. No offence to fairy godmothers – they can get you through a party but not college. A pair of shoes and a dress are just not enough to survive college. So let me give an inside view at what all you need to know about college life.

1   1. Interaction

It is totally alright to fear new people. What if they turn out to be godzillas!
But hey, didn’t we study in High School that those species are now extinct. So let yourself breathe and have fun meeting new people – be it the mighty seniors or crazy batch mates – make good friends with them. You would be really surprised to see how much they are willing to help you through college. You are sailing in the same boat after all!!!

2   2. Clubs, Societies and Sports

Isn’t it great to hangout with people who share your interests!
So earn yourself a spot in the college quiz club or craft society or football team. I know the process can be tough given the amount of time you have to invest in it. But I am sure it will be all worth it. These are the moments you will cherish for life.
(Editor's note- lets not forget the amazing networking that happens in these places) 

3   3. Classes

Earth calling – Do you copy? Do you copy?
A friend of mine once calculated that we used to pay more than Rs.1000 per an hour of class. Had I invested so much in a dress, I would expect it to be of some use to me.  Since then I started attending all classes – I wish I did ;-) . Anyway, the point being, you need to attend a bit more than minimum requirement just to keep yourself out of trouble.

4   4. Fests

Too much to be compressed in a sentence!
I could write about fun or energy or even politics of fest, but I wouldn’t. I will instead write about the unrelenting work behind a fest. It doesn’t matter if you are a participant or an organiser, the prep for a fest is equally tiresome. Take some pride in your college and yourself and work to put up an extravaganza. Of course, the party comes right after it.

5   5. Exams

Butterflies in the stomach are not the only ones that can make you sleepless!
Exams can be more terrifying than ever. But there are ways to overcome it. The former is forehand prep. The latter being, seeking the help of your friend who has done the former. So get prepped to burn some midnight oil with your peers.

6   6. Unofficial Holidays

Holidays are more valued when they are not featured in your academic calendar!
College is the time when you don’t have a bigger responsibility than attending classes. So take a break when you need to and let some hair down. Exploring the world beyond four walls is an enriching experience. Pack your backpack and unleash the traveler in you. (Editor's note- Also make sure you aren't randomly bunking class to do this)

7   7. Projects and Internships

Holidays planned in your academic calendar for a reason.
So cut yourself some slack and work for the big project or internship that you always dream about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your domain ‘coz you never really understand your fit unless you try it – be it clothes or be it career.

I must have given enough gyan about college with all the stupid analogies. It is time for you to make your own experience and weave your own story.

If someone who has finished college has taken a sneak peek at this article, I urge you to share a one-liner about college and post in the comments section.

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