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27 dresses: Update 1- Long and chatty

Always a bridesmaid and Only once a bride.

You know that scene in Airforce One where they say "Liberty 2 4 is changing call signs. Liberty 2 4 is now Airforce One" (that scene always gets me choked with emotion), well 27 dresses is now changing into a bridal series. I am still going to be keeping the name of 27 dresses, because you are always a bridesmaid, and a bride only once.

Well this is the first of the updates as a bride-to-be. There is a little less than 100 days to go for the big week. I say week, because our weddings are not a day or two. Our pujas are relentless and go on forever. I kid you not. Pujas start like 3 days before the actual muhurtham and go on for 3 days after the muhurtham. That is like one week of pujas!! I really wonder why we need to appease the Gods so much when we are the ones getting married. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the customs and traditions of a Tamil Brahmin wedding, so let me know if you guys would like a post going in detail about that.

So what have I done till now?

That is a fabulous question. It truly feels like nothing is done and there is just too much to do.
  • The hall, caterers and the photographer for the wedding has been fixed. 
  • I have gotten my reception saris. I say saris in plural because I get 2!! Yup we are having the wedding in one city and another reception in Bangalore. No, my wedding is not a destination wedding because our families are too big and kind of old to be dragged to a particular. Hence the bride is going to the destination aka Chennai. Also, I will be moving there post wedding (see how I threw that in quietly)
  • I have also bought saris for the other smaller functions.
  • I have decided to do my own makeup for the Bangalore reception, so no makeup artist here.
  • I have shopped for a partly new wardrobe of salwars and of course some dresses. I made full use of the sale season and went insane at Pantaloons, and Avirate. 
  • My hair care routine is pretty much in place. Not much experimentation happening there. A detailed post on that coming up for sure.
  • I finally have an exercise routine just make sure that I don't gain any excess weight. I am looking to just tone down a bit, not lose weight.

What do I still have to do?

A truckload of things
  • Need to start giving my blouses for stitching. I have a friend who is a designer and has her own boutique in Chennai, so I will be going to give her some of the blouses. More on that soon.
  • My muhurtham sari is yet to be bought, because that has to be done by the groom's side. 
  • I have not yet finalised a makeup artist for the Chennai wedding. That will be done by this month end. I sort of know that I want a very simple look and definitely do not want to be spending a bomb on it. My cousins and aunts who live there know some people so will be getting a trial done soon. I did contemplate doing my own makeup but honestly no one from my family wants me to take on that kind of tension. If I don't find a makeup artist that I like in my budget, then I will definitely be doing my own makeup.
  • Finalizing a hall and caterer for the Bangalore reception. We have sort of decided on who we want to go with, just have to pay the advance and confirm the same.
  • I also have to sort of come up with a proper skincare routine. It has been all over the place, and I have honestly been trying a bunch of organic and natural skincare products, but I haven't yet identified which ones are really working well enough for me to keep as a part of my routine. So yes I need to get on with that and then have a post up. 
  • My makeup collection needs a purge and I need to identify which products I need for the wedding, which ones to take to Chennai and which ones to throw.
  • The rest of my wardrobe, the non bridal stuff, needs to be cleaned out. There is so much junk there. I don't even know where to start.
  • My accessories has been lying in boxes ever since I shifted and well of course I have shopped for more (being the bride gives you an excuse to just shop without any rhyme or reason). I need to really clear that out, because I swear it has grown to the point where I have NO idea what I own. 
Right. Now that I have listed some part of what I need to do I feel so much better. 

It is so strange that the girl who had lists and things planned for all of her friends when they got married, is so disorganized when it comes to herself. That is one of the reasons I decided I needed to start the bridal series because I know how much the blog and you guys have helped me change. The blog has helped me to be a lot more systematic and methodical. So yes that is why I needed to have a place to constantly update and log this journey. Hence, hello bridal series- update 1.

What else is happening in my life now?

SO MUCH!! My sister is leaving to do her Masters in a few days. Lots of shopping been happening on that end as well. I am still taking tuition and now I have these blogging workshops for newbie bloggers that have been happening as well. I really have had such a good response. I also have a few clients for Make Me Up by Misskays waiting to be met. I am now working a newsletter- IshtyleAwhile Digest- that you guys should totally be signing up for.
SO clearly there is a lot going on!!! I mean it never rains, it only pours right??

Anyway I am done with this update/ rant. If you made to the end, then I love you so much for being such a loyal reader and follower. You guys are the ones who make me want to write about everything that is happening, so thank you for sticking around.