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27 Dresses: Update 2- Super Organized Freak getting on track

Of makeup artists and designer blouses

I just got back from another wedding, and it was a Tam Bram wedding, so like duh, we were picking up some clues and ideas and hints. For example, I want to get a simple hip chain, something that I can wear for the other smaller functions. Also I really loved how the garland had some purple attachments to match the purple colour engagement sari of the bride. So yes, some finer details were noticed by us.

What has been done so far

  • I got a makeup trial done with a makeup artist in Chennai. While her work was good, I didn't feel it was good enough for the price that she quoted. I mean my kajal was smudging in 4 hours. Like hello, smudgeproof and waterproof kajal is a must, given that I will more certainly cry. So another negative point against the makeup artist. But I really did like her work. Lets see, she is kept on hold for now.
  • Blouses for both my reception saris have been given for stitching. I have a friend who is a designer. Her design studio is called Cognac, so we've been over the details of kind of a design I have in mind. Just waiting for her sketches and a quote of course. 
  • I have shopped for A LOT of 1gm gold jewellery to match the saris that I am wearing for the smaller functions.  (If you follow me on snapchat you would have seen them. I do update my snapchat regularly with all the bridal activities and shopping. Head over there and follow me. Snapchat id is krupaln)
  • The caterer for Bangalore reception has been finalized. 
  • The traditional Tamizh invite has been given for printing.
  • My list of things-to-do is slowly falling into place, so someone is back on track of being organized. I am drawing up an excel sheet with some detailed lists and just playing around with that to see how I can tweak it. If it works then I will share it with all my fellow brides-to-be.

What needs to be done.

  • I have another makeup trial in the month of September already fixed. 
  • Need to start giving the other sari blouses for stitching. So that means I need to start looking at some possible designs.
  • Have to decide on an invite design for the English invite + Bangalore reception invite. Yup yup we have separate invites because the guest list is selective. All family and most friends to chennai. Dad's colleagues and a few of my friends to Bangalore. Guest list has been my biggest headache so far because I keep feeling like I will offend someone if I don't invite them, but truthfully I don't want to call someone just because I have to call them. I really want to call them because I want them there. So there has been a lot of going forward and backward about the whole thing.
  • Need to buy inskirts for all the saris and of course inner wear as well. 
  • Have a to do a few trial makeup sessions on myself as I am planning to do my own makeup for the Bangalore reception. Then I can decide if I need to invest is some more products. My makeup purge has not yet happened. That will definitely happen this week.
  • My exercise routine went for a toss with all the travel and so has my diet. I should be toning down but I am gaining weight. So there is a new diet regime on the cards now that I am back from my travels, for now. 
What else is happening?
I am realising that I am not superwoman, though some people still see me that way. I have made my newsletter- IshtyleAwhile Digest, a monthly one. I am pausing the blogging workshops from Sept 20th and also pausing Make Me Up by Misskays by Sept 20th. I have also stopped taking up any new collaborations. This way I can focus on getting the collaborations that are in the pipeline done before things get even more hectic.

Ufff!!! Okay that was one long post. More updates soon.