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AVATAR #8: Styling a Coral Skirt in 2 ways

You know how sometimes you have some items on your wishlist and they just remain on the wish list for a really really long time. Well, this skirt was on that wishlist for a REALLY long time. I saw a YouTuber style a long coral skirt and I have wanted one ever since. When I saw this online, I had to buy it and I am so glad that I did. This skirt has been such a head turner. Every time I have worn this, I have seen people stop and take a look at this skirt. It is so breezy and light and I love the way it falls. It is just perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I never thought that I would be able to style this in more than 1 way but after wearing it, I think I can style it in a lot more ways. For this post I have just 2 outfits up, but maybe I will do a few more soon.

1. Keeping it casual.

So this is how I styled it the very first time I wore this skirt and I loved the response that I got. I am sure most of you remember this black and white stripes tee shirt. I wear it so much that it is probably begging for retirement. But I don't intend to give it up until I have found a replacement.

The heels are new and it matched the top perfectly. I kept the entire outfit really girly and simple with a braid and fresh looking makeup. The accessories are very minimalistic with gold hoops and a long chain.

There is a slightly sexy element to this skirt thanks to the fact that the inner lining ends at my knees, so you can see my legs. I kind of like that.

2. Formalize it.

Adding a shirt always makes things kind of formal. That is exactly what I did by adding a black formal shirt. To break up the silhouette a bit, I added a neutral coloured belt. The gold trimming on the belt complemented the gold neckpiece. I changed into flats and stud earrings so that it didn't take away from the flowiness of the skirt.

In terms of makeup, I added a winged liner and defined my brows more. This is the completed look.

If styled correctly I think that this skirt can be worn even for the colder months that will be setting in soon.

How else can I style this skirt? Let me know in the comments section below.

miss kays