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REVIEW: Aroma essential facewashes- 2 in 1 review

It is so interesting to watch a brand grow, especially one that is founded by such an unassuming person. I have had the joy of having used Aroma Essentials products from the inception and to see how much they have grown now, it is just fabulous.The simplicity of the products and the freshness of the natural ingredients is the reason these products are such a great hit. Also, Madhu, the founder is a sweetheart, and she always sends me such lovely products, but I always end up reviewing them only after I used them up completely. The 2 facewashes that I am going to be reviewing today are pretty much over and I am just getting down to write about them. Every time I think I am getting around to catching up with all my review posts, I end up realising I have some more to do. Lets get into today's review.

Aroma Essential Lemongrass facewash.- Priced at 150INR for 60ml.

The packaging of Aroma essentials is very simple and travel friendly. All the bottles are plastic and have an extra cap fitted inside to make sure that the product does not leak. To use it, I remove the extra cap and generally unscrew the top to get to the product out. There is a small opening which is really not large enough to squeeze the product out. The facewash has a viscous gel type of consistency and smells of lemongrass. I love lemongrass and this face was what I used all through the hotter months till the weather changed. The facewash does not lather at all so don't keep rubbing your palms together expecting it to. It does not dry out the skin, but leaves it feeling fresh and mildly hydrated. You will definitely need a moisturiser as it removes a good amount of the oil build up. I had no breakouts, no skin irritation whatsoever. So I would say that it worked well for my oily sensitive skin. Ideally this needs to be stored in the fridge, but I never remember to use this if it in the fridge, so I just left in the cupboard in the bathroom.

Aroma Essentials Tomato facewash.- Priced at 175INR for 60ml.

This facewash was love at first use. I got it just as the lemongrass one was getting over and the timing could not have been perfect. The weather was morphing into monsoon and alternating between humid and cold. My skin usually goes insane at this time and I have to use multiple combinations of facewash and moisturiser to keep it happy. This facewash smells sooooo good. It has like a sandal paste type of scent and not too strongly of tomato. It feels so cooling on the skin as well, so I am pretty sure it as aloe vera in it. Very very soothing if you have irritated skin. Again this doesn't lather and has a slightly thicker consistency. With constant use I have seen my acne marks start to reduce and my skin looks quite glowy. I love using this facewash and I think it has really worked wonders for my skin.

Between the 2 facewashes I definitely like the tomato one better and that is the one that I would recommend you try.

What Aroma Essentials products have you tried before? Let me know in the comments section below

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*Products were sent by the brand in return for my honest opinion.