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27 Dresses: 40+ days to go

Time flies is an understatement. I mean I had close to 6 months of an engagement period which means 6 months to get my wedding stuff in order, but, duh, whoever prepares so much in advance, right? I mean it is like telling my 12 standard students to start studying from day 1, like as if that ever happens. So now with less than 6 weeks to go, I am both panicking and getting a lot done!!

What has been done so far.

  • My blouses are all over the place. I have given a few in chennai to 2 different designers and I am so bloody excited to see how they turn out. 
  • The blouses that I gave to my local tailor, have started to come back and I am so happy that I no longer have either a sari or the blouse. but the sets are falling into place.
  • All my accessories are in place. I just have to buy a few more bangles and I am debating on whether to go for a maang tikka for the Bangalore reception or just keep it simple.
  • Invitations have been sent out. Well rather, are being sent out in bunches and I have started meeting up with friends to give out my share of invites. This is probably the most time consuming process of the lot. In fact I planning an article on just time management tips for a bride. Would that be useful to you?
  • My makeup artist dilemma is somewhat settled. I don't want to reveal anything further until I have a confirmation. 
  • For the Bangalore reception I am doing my own hair and makeup and will probably post a trial makeup look on the blog post dussera.
  • All of my saris have been bought and done. 
  • My skincare and haircare routine is in place and I like to believe that I have my glow coming back. Well we all like to hope for the best.
  • My skincare products that are not being used have been packed and moved to Chennai already.
  • My diet is under control and I am desperately trying all sorts of simple tips and tricks to shed some of my tummy flab before the wedding.

What needs to be done.

  • Gifts for the near and dear are pending. Why we need to give gifts to all the people who come is a rant that will never end and deserves its own blog post. 
  • Packing up my makeup is in progress and trust me when I say I have A LOT!!! 
  • I still have to pick up some pjs to chill in, and some lounge wear clothes. 
  • I need to collect and assemble all of my saris and blouses and accessories event wise, but that will happen only 10 days before the wedding.
  • I need to go to Zivame for a fitting which is due this week and then order all of the inner wear that I need for the wedding.
  • Chennai is where I plan to buy the inskirts, so that is also on the to-do list. 
  • There have been talks of a possible sangeet function, I am not sure, but it looks like we may have time after the wedding function to chill and dance. So I am trying to figure that out and see if it can be made to happen. 

Meanwhile, I am putting together my Navrathri series which is why I have been absconding from the blog. Between meeting people to give invites, calling people who I can't meet to invite them, and editing and writing the Navrathri posts, I have had no time to update the blog in over a week, (or maybe more??) This is how it is going to be people, I might as well accept it. I am still hoping and praying that I will have the time to schedule posts for the month of November, but no promises.

Alright, I am going to head out for the day now. Got a long few days ahead and loads of things to do. Follow me on Snapchat for daily updates, Snapchat id is krupaln. Ciao