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#Instaxicated with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joybox

Capture every moment instantly

Give a person a camera, and he will become a photographer.

I think this holds very true today because with the advent of DSLRs and high resolution phone cameras, all you see is everyone walking around clicking selfies and pictures at any location that might look fairly picturesque. However what has started to die out would be the printed photos. I still love getting those. In fact one of my most prized possessions is a collage of photos that was framed and given to me by my school friends. It is what I wake up to see first thing every morning and I always smile. 

The joy that a printed photo gives you is nothing compared to the 100s of pictures that are stored away in a digital album that we usually never go back to look at unless it is a Facebook memory thrown at our face. Now imagine getting that printed memory in your hand immediately. That's what the Instax range of cameras give you. The joy of seeing a beautifully captured frame on the spot. 

We got to experience this firsthand when we attended the launch of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joybox .

About the event.
The evening started off with some tasty starters and a quiz on how well we know Namma Bengaluru. We were then introduced to the history of Fujifilm. It is amazing how the brand has literally evolved with the times and kept with all the changes in photography. Then the latest Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joybox was launched. We got to see it, feel it, and play with it, and as fashion bloggers we went crazy clicking pictures like there was no tomorrow. The event ended with a sumptuous dinner and each of us being given a beautiful Instax mini 8. I love the pictures that we clicked that day as it is really a fabulous way to keep the memory alive.

About the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joybox
The Joybox comes with an Instax mini 8 camera. This comes in 7 pretty colours. I got the one in white.
There is also 2 sets of film with 10 sheets each.
A sketch pen to sign your photographs as soon as they are printed and a cute travel pouch to carry your camera around safely.
The additional feature in this is a selfie mirror with the joybox and batteries.
It is like a MacD Happy Meal :)

First impressions.
We got a chance to use these cutie pie cameras at the event itself and clicked multiple pictures. I mean imagine, they gave cameras in the hands of posers and picture crazy people! By the end of the event we had clicked so many pictures, that we had no idea how many film sheets we used up, there is a possibility that they are not going to call us back for another event.

The one thing that I struggled with was using the view finder. It takes some getting used to and I am still not used to it.
The quality of the picture even with flash in the dark is really clear. Love love it! We all look stunning in the pictures.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joybox is priced at 6499INR and here is a link where you can buy it from.

I am most definitely using this at the wedding so you can expect a pretty different wedding album.

Have you used the Instax mini 8? I am so super excited to use it.

miss kays