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Make Me Up by Misskays: Goth inspired makeup and styling

I actually wanted to title this post as "My experiments with makeup and fashion : The Goth Edition". Then I thought maybe I would title it as "my trials as a makeup artist"
Actually I didn't know how to even title this. 

The story behind it.
So Francis, as all of you know, has been my photographer for quite a while now. He isn't just my photographer, he also a very good friend, a well wisher, and the person who always pushes me to try something different for the blog. He always says that I don't try to get out of my comfort zone enough and he is right. I usually just stick to what I know. So one day he called me up and said, "You have been talking about being a makeup artist for a while now, why not do a shoot just focussing on your skills as a makeup artist and I will try some new frames as a photographer". So I said yes and we agreed that it would be a Goth inspired look because that is something that I have never tried on myself. We also agreed that it would be on a model and not on myself. 

Then began the hunt for the model. I say model but I actually mean that I went through my friends list because I wanted a regular person. I wanted someone who had defined features but also looked very elegant and girly naturally. I wanted to be able to show how the makeup and styling can really change the attitude of the person. I think it can really make a person feel more confident especially in front of the camera. Even a person who is camera shy normally blossoms in front of it when the right makeup and clothes are given to them. I have always believed that clothes make the man/ woman. I believe that the way you dress affects the way you carry yourself. Don't you know that as well?

We finally found a friend who agreed to model (she is not a professional model though it may look like that), we fixed a day to shoot and we shot. 

Though we shot this a few months ago I kept delaying posting it because I thought that I would build like a story around it. I thought I would make it an editorial. Then I thought I would do it like a fall special look. But no, this is just a shoot with no fascinating story to it except that it was a trial, an experiment for both of us, and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

The following pictures is the joint venture by Francis and me to in trying something very new for us. I really hope you guys like it. I can't wait to see your comments down below.

Before the Transformation

So.... What do you guys think??

Btw Francis has a blog and a facebook page. Do follow him as well guys.

miss kays 


Styling, Makeup: Krupa L.
Photography : Francis Roshan