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REVIEW: Aroma Essentials Papaya Scrub

Don't judge a product by the tub

When I received this product from Madhu I remember looking at it and wondering if  I would be able to use it.
1) It said that it was for dry skin
2) It was made of papaya and I don't like papaya except raw papaya in my Thai salad. 
So I decided I would get my sister to use it. she has dry skin after all. However my well laid plan of tricking my sister into using a product that I didn't want to use backfired because she forgot to use it and then went away to the US.

Then one day, I just decided to brave it and try the product. What was the worst case scenario? It would smell heavily of papaya. I figured I would just hold my breath while using it if that was the case. But this product has just been so full of surprises and here is why I like it.

1) It does not smell heavily of papaya at all. In fact it has a pretty nice scent to it, like raw papaya with apricot nectar.
2) It has very small granules that are not harsh at all. You can feel the exfoliation but at the same time it feels quite hydrating.
3) This works really well as a mask. So I like to put a thin layer of this scrub and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off while scrubbing in small circular motions. The effect is fabulous! My skin feels softer, supple, very well hydrated and squeaky clean. That was so unexpected!!!

This product is a total winner for me. The only thing that I feel sad about is that the quantity is very little. I wish there was more product.

Priced at 300INR for 35g.

I am slowly falling in love with Aroma Essentials products and they are becoming a permanent part of my skincare kit. So yes you will be seeing Aroma Essentials products in my bridal skincare kit as well. But more on that later.

What Aroma Essentials products have you tried?

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