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REVIEW: Fuschiavkare Garden Lavender Face and Body Invigorating Scrub

Smell like spring in any season.

September is going to be insanely crazy month (which month isn't, you ask?). Well I am finally getting down to working on my bridal outfits i.e getting blouses stitched. I know a lot of you want to see what I am going to be wearing, but I am so sorry guys I am not going to be uploading my outfits until the wedding is done. I promise that I will do a series of posts on my outfits as soon as I am back to blogging post wedding. Right now I am just freaking out that I have practically just 2 months left till I move out of Bangalore.

Okay so this was not supposed to become a bridal update post, it is a review. So lets get into it, shall we?

I am all about the natural skincare right now. Coming to think of it a lot of the skincare that I have reviewed on the blog is natural skincare and I love it. My skin texture has really improved over the past few months and I am working on making it better. I am planning to stick just a few products for the next few months and not try anything new until the wedding is over, so whatever skincare products I review over the next few weeks will be the last few reviews, for a while.

Fuschiavkare is a natural skincare brand that is quickly gaining traction and their choco lip butter has already been reviewed here on IshtyleAwhile. Today we have a body scrub for review. The body scrub that was sent for review was the Garden Lavender Face and Body Scrub.

Priced at 450INR.
Housed in a plastic tub with a metallic cap and a bright pink label, it is very easy to identify this amidst all your products. It is a cream based scrub with bits of lavender in it. When I used it I was able to get small bits of the lavender flower. The exfoliating granules are not harsh at all and the product smells very fresh, just like a garden. As it has a creamy consistency, it really leaves your skin feeling moisturised. The smell does not linger for long on your skin but the moisturised feeling lasts for quite a while. To keep my skin even happier, I top this off with a body butter.

If you are looking for a pleasant smelling hydrating scrub that you can use 2-3 times a week, then this would be the one for you.

I've really loved using this and next I want to try their Pomegranate body scrub. That really sounds yummy.

Let me know what is your favourite scent in a body scrub.

miss kays


*Disclaimer- Product sent by brand in exchange for my honest review