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EXPERIENCE: Bee Choo's Hair spa treatment at Hairbitat Herbal, Vittal Mallya Road

My hair is my pride and my joy, so imagine how I felt when I saw it falling in clumps after I shifted house. It was like my heart was being ripped out, shredded into fibres and strewn all over my room floor. The hard water in the area was making my hair so rough and unmanageable. You must have seen my Snapchats trying various hair masks with aloe vera and other ingredients. Yes they worked to make my hair feel more nourished, but nothing was long lasting. I have also shifted to using filtered water for the final rinse. The hair fall has started to reduce, but with the wedding coming up, I really wanted some miracle to give my hair its lustre back.

This prayer was answered in the form of a hair spa from Hairbitat Herbals and their Bee Choo Origin's treatment.

About Bee Choo Origin's and Hairbitat Herbals.

Bee Choo is a Singapore brand started by Bee Choo, a lady who found herself struggling with hairfall. She tried multiple spas and treatments but when nothing worked, she did some research and put together a concoction of 21 Chinese herbs in a single hair mask. From there the brand grew to include post treatment products such as shampoo, conditioners and tonics. The products are a 100% chemical free and solve all hair problems such as grey hair, and dandruff.

Hairbitat Herbals is the only spa in India that offers the Bee Choo treatment. They focus only on hair treatments and nothing else.

Tucked away above the Raymond's showroom on Vittal Mallya Road, this is the third outlet of Bee Choo's Origin's in Bangalore. There is one in Jayanagar and one in HSR, and soon there should be one opening in Indiranagar.

The hair wash area


The place is kept simple and the interiors are minimalistic. There is not much of a crowd thanks to the fact that they advertise only by word of mouth.

I was told that I have an oily scalp and dry hair, so treatment would be given accordingly.

Steps in the treatment.

Step 1: Ginger tonic is sprayed all over the scalp and massaged. This opens all the pores on the scalp making it more receptive to further treatments.

Step 2: Olive Oil was applied all over the mid length to the ends of my hair to provide it with some hydration.

Step 3: The main product i.e The Bee Choo Herbal Treatment Cream is applied. This is a mixture of 21 Chinese herbs and it looks and smells a bit like henna. This mask feels very very cooling on the scalp, and my therapist was extremely thorough. The entire scalp is covered in this paste and then on the ends. The hair is then tied up and covered with a plastic sheet.

Step 4 : Steaming. These is very important as it helps the product to be completely absorbed by the hair. This is the longest step. The steaming is done at one temperature for 40 minutes and then another 10 minutes at a slightly lower temperature. I sipped some lovely chrysanthemum tea while relaxing. I am pretty sure I dozed off in between the 3 cups of tea that I had.

Steaming the hair

Before getting the wash after the steam. I look like a Martian.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Step 5: Once steaming is done, the hair is allowed to cool and then the herbal paste was washed of with a menthol shampoo. This shampoo feels like heaven. It is so cooling on the scalp and my therapist really took her time to work her way through washing away all of the paste.

Step 6: After washing with the menthol shampoo twice, a menthol conditioner was applied to my hair and massaged in before a final rinse.

Step 7: 2 separate treatments was then applied to my hair. For the scalp a tonic was sprayed to deal with the dandruff and oily scalp. For the lengths of my hair, a Treatment Spa cream was applied to tackle the dryness.
My hair was then blow dried and I was good to go.

The hair tonic used on my hair to tackle dandruff

The product used for the ends of my hair to nourish it.

What I observed after the treatment.

  • My hair was uber soft and smelt amazing.
  • My scalp felt refreshed and clean.
  • The gray hair that I have here and there was coloured and barely visible. I was told you that 2 more sessions of the treatment and I would not see any greys at all.
  • Overall my hair looked a lot more healthier and shinier. Even after 3 days there was no loss of the shine or the softness.

I washed my hair after 3 days and used a shampoo that they had recommended and the following pictures are after this.

Can you see how amazing my hair looks? It feels like it is getting its texture and body back. I am absolutely in love with it. Hairfall has reduced slightly.

Other things to know

  • They recommend getting atleast 6- 8 treatments to completely solve all of your hair problems, if you are facing any severe issues. The first 4 treatments involve using the herbal cream and then after that various tonics or serums are used based upon the issues that you are trying to fix.
  • They are also recommend using their products as a follow up.
  • The duration of the treatment is based upon each person's indvidual issues.
  • The cost of the treatment is based upon your hair length and ranges between 1800INR to 3000INR inclusive of taxes.

Will I go for another round of treatment?
Yes. My appointment has already been booked for the end of this month.

So if you are looking for a chemical free treatment for your hair, then this is the place to go.

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*The service was offered for me to review. My opinions are honest 100%