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How to wear a sari fashionably feat Elegant Eves.

Everyone seems to be experimenting with saris these days and tying them in unconventional ways. It makes me so happy to see celebrities and many fashionistas sporting saris more often and without hesitation. Of course all of us regular women can’t wear a sari with a boxy crop top, or over jeans with sneakers and an array of chunky necklaces, because it really isn’t user friendly (also it never looks as good on us as it does on them) So what happens when you want to look fashionable but in an attire that is more wearable,? You find a way to tone down the trend and make it more you.

Here Aparajitha and me are both wearing a blouse or a top with a sari. I went for a plain top and a printed sari and she went for a printed top to complement a plain sari.

Before I get into the outfits, here is a little bit about Aparajitha.

This Bengali beauty works as a Chinese translator and has been blogging on the side for a few years now. Her blog, Elegant Eves, focusses on makeup product reviews, and skincare reviews. She is truly a budget beauty bringing you the best products for a minimum budget and even has a DIY for an overnight serum. Her eye makeup tutorials are always on point and she has a dedicated section for Bengali brides. Though she never accepts it, she has pretty flawless skin and I have had the joy of doing makeup on her for a shoot. One of the most dedicated sincere bloggers I have ever met, I had the best time shooting this collaboration with her.

To be honest we put together the outfits just over a few text messages. We knew that we wanted to sport a sari but do something a bit different. Wearable fashion is something that I am very particular about. It has to be effortless, look chic and be comfortable, something neither of us would hesitate to wear to a function or an event.

Aparajitha’s outfit.

Aparajitha had a floral print blouse that had sort of shrunk and wasn’t really long enough to wear as a blouse any more and luckily this matched the pastel cotton sari that she had in mind. As the top had a ruffles detailing we stuck to statement jhumkas to accessorise this look.
For the makeup I did a very subtle rose gold and grey smokey eye makeup with a coral pink lipstick.

My outfit.

It is only when I rummage through my wardrobe for a shoot do I realise what all I own. I had completely forgotten about this cobalt blue top from WillsLifestyle. Probably because it was rolled up and shoved right into the back of my wardrobe. The minute I found the top I knew sari I wanted to pair with it. This orange and blue sari was one of my favorites to wear to work because it was always so easy to drape and yet didn’t slip. My earrings are from Confusion Accessories. I stuck to a simple winged liner for my makeup and a peachy brown lipstick.

Don’t ask why we were so giggly, but somehow posing like models is never really our thing. Also it was a super windy day, so keeping the pallu in place was a task of its own.

What do you guys thing about this outfit?  It is something that you would wear? 

Styling- Krupa and Aparajitha
Makeup- Krupa
Photography- Iris Montage

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