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Navrathri Day 1: Styling an IndoWestern look for your sister's wedding

For the love of dressing up and weddings

In a Tam Bram wedding there is no sangeet function persay which makes me kind of sad because sangeet functions are so much fun!! Of course now, people have started including sangeet and mehendi to make the entire event a lot more fun. In fact in January I attended a Tam Bram which has a lovely amalgamation of events and one of it was a sangeet function that we danced at. Does my wedding have a sangeet function? Well mostly no. But oh well, I still get to dress up like I am heading to a sangeet function in this post.

For a fun function like a sangeet or a mehendi you definitely need to keep things comfortable, so palazzo pants or straight cut pants, or cigarette pants, basically some kind of pants is my go-to option. You can walk, dance,  run, jump and basically much move with ease when you aren't a long skirt that is more likely to trip you. Don't get me wrong. I love skirts and lehengas, but sometimes I wish they were more convenient and not just pretty looking clothes. Also, I, contrary to popular belief, do not have a flat midriff, and so I don't see a point in wearing a lehenga. You need to have something to show off that isn't flab.

The outfit I have styled here is from Usha Design Studio, based in Sarjapur, Bangalore.

It is a gorgeous indo western outfit that is sure to make heads turn. (I would know because when I stood in the location to shoot this, everyone stopped to look at me). The neutral colour makes it easy to accessorise with a pop of colour. The long top is light and flowy so it moves with you in a very fluid manner. The slit is is high enough to show a little midriff but not too much to make you uncomfortable. Since all of the stone work is only on the top, it is pretty understated and heavy at all.

I chose to pair it with a tapered necklace which fit perfectly with the neckline and for a pop of colour, I went for red lips. I love red lipstick and weddings are the time to rock all the reds in your collection. I completed the look with a cuff from Confusion Fashion accessories. My earrings do loot a bit heavy but they are actually not. You could always choose lighter accessories.

I was too lazy to do my hair, but ideally I would suggest putting it in a low bun to keep it away from your face while dancing.

Here are 3 ways in which you can change up this outfit.
1) Change the colour of the pants. Opt for a teal or a bright red pant which would add some colour to the outfit without too much effort.
2) Wear a skirt. I mean if you really really can't do without a lehenga look, then switch out the pants for a brightly coloured skirt.
3) Opt for coloured eyeliner, neutral lips with a thin chain and statement chaandbaali earrings.

For those of you from Bangalore, here is the address of the studio from where I got this outfit.

Usha's Design and Fashion Studio
5A, Block II, Alps Estate,
460/ 1 Kiakondranahalli
Sarjapur Road,
Bangalore 560 035


Sari sourced from Usha's Design Studio

Picture Credits: Iris Montage aka Francis Roshan

Styling by Krupa aka Me

What would you guys wear for a sangeet/ mehendi function?

miss kays


Disclaimer: This outfit was gifted to me by Usha aunty to style on the blog. Thanks so much aunty!!