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Navrathri Day 5: Kamakshi's tale

She zipped up the bag, and heaved a huge sigh. Finally all the packing was done. After weeks of shopping and more shopping, it had taken her a while to organize and arrange everything in the suitcases event wise. Man, there was a lot of things to carry!! No one, absolutely no one had told her the reality of getting ready for a wedding.

The to-do list was never ending. She had to plan a sari for every event. Tam Bram weddings were LOOOONNNGGG and she had to change her sari so many times in a day. Unlike her other friends who just had to choose their dream lehenga or dream sari and be done with it, she had to shop for a dozen saris, each one as grand or grander than the previous one. 

Sure, it had been fun. As a person who was style conscious, she put in a lot of effort to make sure that every blouse was stitched in a different way. She had experimented with short sleeves, net sleeves, puff sleeves, boat necklines, V necklines and a lot more. She couldn't wait to wear them and have everyone ooohh and aahhh over her saris and blouses. Over the weeks she had guarded her carefully planned outfits so that nothing would be given away before the actual wedding. 

Then of course came the shopping for all the accessories. Duh, her parents wanted her to wear gold. But gold is so boring for every function, she had whined. She got her way and bought some 1gm gold jewellery for the smaller functions and of course loads and loads of colourful bangles. She even had planned makeup looks for each event. 

The last 6 months had been insane and hectic. One would think that 6 months was enough time to get ready for a wedding, but hell no! No amount of time was ever enough. She had always dreamed of a traditional wedding, sitting on her daddy's lap, being lifted for the garland exchange, the teasing and singing that would happen at the nalangu. Now, it was actually happening it didn't seem real.

The events of the last 6 months were all blurred in her head. She could remember saying yes in a dazed state. She could remember chattering away nervously to him for the first time. She definitely remembered talking on the phone half the night and all their tabooed conversations. But she couldn't remember when she had fallen in love with him. 

Now finally it was time to leave for the actual wedding. The event that the last 6 months had been leading up to. The event that was going to change her life forever. She shivered a bit, partly with excitement and partly from nervousness. This is it, she thought to herself. Let's go get married!

Outfit details
The sari is a pure georgette sari with golden thread work. The blouse was my own from some other sari. The makeup was a subtle smokey eye, loads of mascara and a peachy lip. 


Sari sourced from Usha's Design Studio

Here is the address:
Usha's Design and Fashion Studio
5A, Block II, Alps Estate,
460/ 1 Kaikondranahalli
Sarjapur Road,
Bangalore 560 035

Picture Credits: Iris Montage aka Francis Roshan

Styling by Krupa aka Me

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