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Navrathri Day 9: 5 tips to not become bridezilla

Yes people. It is time to start the countdown, Exactly 30 days to go to the D day!!! Nope I am not going to bore you with all has been done, and what all has to be done. Instead, I thought I would share with you some of my top tips to keep brides-to-be from becoming bridezilla. Something that I am hoping to follow myself. I think so far I have been pretty okay and not gone all crazy on my friends and family, except for some emotional crying scenes. But well, atleast I am not freaking out (yet!)

Tip 1: Delegate duties- This is one thing that most control freaks forget to do. I am know I am like that. But I already have a list of some duties and responsibilities that my friends are going to take care of (they just don't know that yet)

Tip 2: Breathe and let go.- No matter how meticulously you may plan the details of your wedding, something or maybe everything will go wrong on that day. Stop. Take a breath and decide whether it is important to live the rest of your life happily or have that 2 amazing days of wedding ceremonies. If you choose the former (which I hope you will) then all the issues that crop up will seem trivial.

Tip 3: Be numb- People will talk. People will gossip. Everyone will have an opinion on what you should be wearing, how you should accessorise, what colour your lipstick should be. I know you will probably want to tell them to get lost, but take a minute, process what they have said, say thank you to them and go ahead to do exactly what you want to do. Don't let it get to you. This reduces any arguments that may seem to looming.

Tip 4: Write or record- You want to vent. I get it. But sometimes venting to a friend could look like bitching if anyone else overhears the conversation. Instead, choose to leave voice messages to yourself that you can delete, or make a voice recording and store somewhere safely on your phone. Personally I prefer writing but that may not always be an option. So find your best method of venting but make sure it is not going to be discovered by someone else. Anything you say or write in a fit of anger could be hurtful if heard by others.

Tip 5: Don't worry. Be Happy- Ladies. This is one of the best days of your life. I am sure most of you would have spent months prepping for it, probably more time than you ever spent studying for a board exam. So please, enjoy it. Enjoy the functions and even all the things that may go wrong, because they make for fabulous stories later on.

Well here is hoping that I stay as as bride and don't morph into a bridezilla.

I am ending with post with a few pictures from my engagement. I will be doing a complete wedding series after the wedding is done.

Yes I know I look exhausted here. It was really hot okay!

This is not good-bye you guys. I am still going to be posting this month and maybe even schedule a few posts for November.

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