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REVIEW: - 4 masks in 1.


This set of reviews is really long overdue. About 2 months ago I received a bunch of face masks from

If you don’t know what is, it is a HongKong based website which stocks up on all sorts of skincare including sheet masks. So many different varieties are there and you are so spoilt for choice. In fact, it can even be confusing if you have no idea what you are looking for. They have multiple brands and something for every skin type. They have a lot of promotional offers constantly on the website and you can almost always get some free samples with your purchase.

Why I love sheet masks.

  • They are so easy to use. Just open the pack, unfold the mask and place on your face.
  • They are not messy unlike the face packs that you have to mix with water and apply. You don’t have to worry about them dripping all over the place
  • They are travel friendly
  • They come with multiple benefits.
  • If you choose animal masks then they are so much fun to wear.
  • Not time consuming at all.
  • They never dry out the skin.

The masks I received include


1) Luke Hydrogel Eye masks.

This was my favourite from the entire set. We don’t get eye masks in India. Hint to all the brands in India to explore this option.
I got my sister to use this on a day when we had both woken up with puffy eyes. (some late night emoness that happened before she left to US). It really worked well to hydrate the under eye area and reduce the puffiness. Super easy to remove and apply and it felt very soothing.

2) Fresh Fruit Green tea mask.

I have always wanted to DIY a green tea mask, but then laziness takes over. I was elated when I was sent this green tea mask. Green tea is loaded with anti oxidants that which is needed from the inside and on the outside. Anti oxidants are known to promote collagen production. This also has fruit extracts in it so you are giving your skin a double whammy of goodness. Very hydrating mask and feel very cooling when you apply it. 

3) Aqua Skin Renewal Mask

This was a very interesting face mask. It came with a face wash and a serum. First you had to wash your face with the face wash, then apply the serum and then the face mask. Normally it would be facewash, mask and then serum. So yes this was definitely different. The combination was very hydrating. I think this would work best for someone with very dry skin. For my combination skin, it definitely left it feeling a bit oily. Especially when I woke up the next morning with pretty greasy skin, so I guess it was a bit too hydrating for me.

4) Syn-ake

Okay so this was a bit confusing. With everything written in a language that is beyond my comprehension, I wasn't sure whether this was was supposed to an animal mask or not. Turned out to be a regular moisturising mask. Oh well, so it didn't look as funky as I hoped but it did the job really well!! My skin felt moisturised for days after using this. 

Overall I had a wonderful time testing out these sheet masks and I can't wait to try some more. 

What are your favourite face masks? Let me know in the comments section below.

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*products sent to me by the brand, but my opinions are honest.