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REVIEW: Vaya Tyffyn Box

I have been travelling so much these past few weeks that I am literally yearning for veetu sapadu (home food). Just some piping hot rice and rasam with a potato curry. Yum! As much as I love having pastas, pizzas and wedding food, my stomach cannot handle eating out for extended periods of time. I just love eating at home and it has to be hot food. In fact I was one of those lucky kids in school whose mother used to come and deliver food for me during lunch break. Well this was a brief 2 years and by the time I hit my 6th standard, I stopped my mother from doing that. Packing the tiffen box was always a pain after that because my mother had to really think about what to pack so that I didn't struggle with ice cold sambar rice. When I started working, I used to take a hot case. You know those traditional big bulky 2 tier cases. It kept my food hot, but invariably the sambar would have spilled over. Ugh! I hated cleaning that up. I know so many of my friends who would never bring a tiffen to school just because of this,

Now, in 2016, we have tiffen box that is has been built by technology. I kid you not. When I got an invite to attend the launch of a premium tiffen box, I was a bit baffled. It's just a tiffen box, I thought! What could possibly be so different about it and why did it need a launch event??

About the launch.
Held at ITC Gardenia, the launch was hosted by Lakshmi Rebecca. There was some beautifully choreographed dances with a light show and some well placed effects. We also got to watch, the stand-up comic Karthik Kumar live!! That was definitely the icing on my cake. Bear with me as a gush for a few minutes. This guy comes of as the most inconspicuous guy in Alaipayuthe, and I have been a fan of him ever since. He is just as cute in person and really hilarious. Must watch more shows of his. Okay gushing over, now lets get back to the event.

The brain behind the brand Vaya, and their first product Tyffyn, a premium tiffen box, is Mr. Vashist  Vasanthakumar. We found ourselves agreeing with all the points that he laid out regarding the issues that is faced by those who carry a tiffen box. The kind of thought that has gone into working out each of these problems is definitely praise worthy and it was super interesting to see how the Tyffyn box was designed.

About the Tyffyn 

Since this post is already long enough, I will just list out the pros and cons very quickly.

What is to love about the Tyffyn

  • Pretty designs. In 3 variants, of Wool, Maple and Graphite, there is something for everyone and one doesn't have to feel embarrassed to take it to work.
  • 100% Leakproof. I have never managed to take sambar in a tiffen box and not have it leak over the sides. I was shell shocked when I saw that nothing had spilled at all with this tiffen box. The plastic lids create like a vacuum that doesn't allow for any liquid to seep.
  • Keeps food warm for a good 4 - 6 hours. I wouldn't say it keeps it piping hot, but definitely hotter than a regular tiffen box. How I know this? I had kept rice in the Tyffyn and a regular tiffen box just see how it would fare. The rice remained warmer in the Vaya Tyffyn for a longer period of time
  • Comes with a beautiful bag which also helps in heat retention. The bag is also easy to wash and does not stain easily.
  • The bag opens up into a table mat and has a cutlery holder. Isn't that just adorable?
  • No need to reheat food, so you have fresh food every time.
  • Comes with 3 boxes so you can even carry breakfast along with you or extra lunch for your friends.
  • The copper finished stainless steel boxes do not stain, unlike plastic boxes, which makes washing up easier.

What is not to love about the Tyffyn

  • It is heavy!! You don't feel the weight while carrying it, but when you open it and lift the lid of the main case, it is really heavy. While washing you have to be careful that you don't drop it.
  • Lots of pieces to wash at the end of the day - 3 boxes, 3 lids, and an outer case. 
  • The lids are so secure that sometimes opening them takes time. One tip is to have completely dry hands, because wet hands tend to slip and make it harder to open. 

Priced at 2500INR, the Vaya Tyffyn box comes with a 1 year warranty, this is definitely a premium tiffen box and with the plus points of warmer food and no leakage, I think it is worth investing in this especially of you carry food from home.

Why not give the gift of 'garam ghar ka khana' (Hot home food in Hindi) to someone you love this Diwali?

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*product was sent by the brand for review. However my opinions voiced are unbiased..