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2nd Session at Hairbitat Herbals.

Bee Choo hair Treatment

I am sure all of you read about the hair treatment that I went for at Hairbitat Herbals, Vittal Mallaya road. I loved it so much that I went back for a second session.

This time around the process had the same 7 steps except for the last 2 steps. Instead of an anti dandruff treatment, a vitamin serum was applied to my scalp and ends of the hair to reduce hair fall.

I also got to try a complimentary face pack that they have available only in the spa. It is super cooling and they applied it for my arms and legs as well. In fact, even Francis got to try it :D We had a meeting to go to after my hair spa session and he landed up early so they applied for his face as well.

I felt like a princess with one person applying a hair pack, and another 2 applying the face pack for my arms and legs. So much of pampering. The face pack is completely natural and made of herbs. It smells like it has cucumber, sandalwood and aloe vera in it. It is absolutely super cooling and once it was dried, it was scrubbed off with lukewarm water. Both Francis and me loved it. We felt like it left our skin feeling so much smoother and looked brighter.

Bee Choo  hair Treatment
See me in a state of bliss.

How did I feel after the second round of treatment?
There is definitely a difference in the way my hair feels. My hair is less frizzy, a lot more shiny, smooth and not as dry as before. If I wasn't leaving for my wedding today I would have definitely gone for another session as well. But I guess this would have to do for now.

My hairfall is still not under control but that is because of the water. Now that I have identified that as the problem I am working to reduce it.

I did pick up their purity shampoo to keep my scalp dandruff free. I will probably review that in a few weeks.

I think one would have try this to really feel the difference and know why I am in love with this treatment. I can't wait for them to open up branches in Chennai so that I can go back for a third round over there.

Hairbitat herbals hair Treatment
Hair and skin care glowing post treatment

Hairbitat herbals hair Treatment

Do let me know if you guys try out their hair treatment. I would love to know if it had the same sort of effect on your hair as well.

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*Disclaimer- This service was also provided by the brand. But I went for it only because I really loved it. My opinions are honest.