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Inspiring and Empowering Women with Veda Earth

I started IshtyleAwhile to inspire women to explore their sense of style. I started Make Me Up by Misskays to empower them to feel more confident about the way they look on an every day basis. I think sometimes all it takes it a little of encouragement for a woman to feel to like she can achieve anything. When I asked to be a part of VedaEarth's campaign to inspire and empower the modern woman, I just could not say no even though I am like 7 days away from getting married. The very fact that my family is not holding me back or stopping me from working on my blog just goes to show that with some help, a woman can be an achiever in all fields.

VedaEarth is a Bangalore based skincare brand that is an amalgamation of the traditional practices of aromatherapy and vegan ayurveda. It is a premium line of products that caters to the modern woman's skincare needs as she juggles her various roles. She does not have the time to do a 7 step skincare routine day and night, so VedaEarth has attempted to to simplify that while bringing to the table the best of the ancient preparations in a contemporary avatar

VedaEarth was started by Divya Dinesh who forayed into making her own products when she realised that her skin was too sensitive to multiple ingredients even in brands that claimed to be organic. As a young female entrepreneur, she wants to build a brand that celebrates women of today who are confident and inspire more of you beautiful ladies out there to march towards your dreams. You can check out more of their #SheisaVEwoman stories on Facebook and Twitter.

What is my story?

I come from a family which has always believed in women being more than just homemakers. My sister and I were taught to be independent and to be able to take care of ourselves, especially financially. We were encouraged to write cheques, go to the post office, handle our savings, travel on our own, and explore fields that were not mainstream.

My sister is an engineer by degree, and I have a Masters in Biochemistry, but we have both explored the path less travelled. My sister is one of the most sought out woman trumpeteers in Bangalore and even in other cities. For close to a full year she was touring with multiple bands and making her mark out there in a field dominated by men. She travelled a lot as the only female musician and looking at her petite 5.3" figure, people are often surprised at how fiercely independent she is. She believes in being the best in everything that she tries and currently is doing her Masters in Computer Science. This doesn't means she've given up playing the trumpet, it is was the first luggage that she took with her.

I worked as a teacher for 4 years and started blogging on the side, while taking tuition, attending dance class and being an active organizer of events at work. 2 years ago I quit my steady school teacher job to try my hand at something new. For a year I did a whole bunch of interim jobs before finally deciding to blog full time. No one in my family is really into fashion or blogging, but today my parents, and even my fiancee, proudly tell people about my blog. If I have achieved this much, it is because of having a supportive family and some wonderful friends. Some amount of hardwork and dedication can really take you far in life if you have a vision.

Women Empowerment, to me, is not about making her feel like Superwoman. It is the small things in life that make her feel appreciated, and this will automatically make her achieve a lot more. Menfolks out there, don't forget that the woman in your life has dreams too. Help her build it. We want to hear from you so use the #SheisVEWoman to tell us your story.

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