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Of Red, Black, and Railway Tracks,

There are some people who come into your life for a reason. A reason that is beyond human understanding.

Francis is that person for me.

Those of you who follow my blog and social media regularly will know him as my photographer. Those of you who have met me, would have probably met him as well at some point and will know that he is a good friend. But the truth is he is so much more than that. A friend, a well wisher, a shoulder to cry on, a son to my parents, a fellow foodie willing to experiment at new places, my knight in shining armour (after my dad of course), that person who is my sounding board, the one who shoots down all of my ideas, yet pushes me to try new concepts for the blog, an unsigned business partner and of course someone who loves me as unconditionally as my parents do. I know I am trying to put our relationship in words and I am epically failing. This is probably why he always tells me, stop trying to label us. Now I get it.

For a guy who means this much to me and has been a constant source of support over the last 3 years, it made sense that I do my last shoot in Bangalore as ‘Miss’ Kays with him.

Francis is a very old fashioned guy. The kind of guy who believes in opening doors for the lady, pulling out chairs for the lady to sit, and offering his jacket. These kind of gentlemen have become a rare breed nowadays. He can also be chauvinistic and slightly annoying at times but I don’t want get into that today, alright?

A lover of Beatles and old jazz music, I could only picture him in a retro outfit and that’s exactly what we did. I wanted something where we were dancing, or trying to, so we merged the 2 ideas and put together an outfit that works well to jive or swing dance. Then of course came the question of who was going to do the shoot. Who was going to photograph the photographer? We did think of asking some friends to do it, but then decided that if we were going to do this, let’s do it professionally and asked Kruthika. Everything was undecided until just one day before the shoot. But somehow these last minute plans just fell into place.

We had looked up some sample images on Pinterest and we knew instantly that the railway track had to be one of the locations. Why do I have a fascination for the tracks you ask? Well the tracks are the path to anywhere. They signify the journey for me. For Francis, they remind him that there is still so much out there unexplored.

On the day of the shoot I had some friends over for lunch and then one of them stayed back with us for the shoot. He is the proud owner of a Royal Enfield and we decided to feature that as well, along with a guitar (God knows I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Well now that I’ve posed with it maybe the next step is learning it). The Instax camera is featured here, because the truth is that the camera is what brought us much closer.

Yes yes some cheesy poses are coming up but guys, this is Francis and me. 2 people who could not be more different but yet connected by this strange inexplicable bond.

Dear Francis, this post is for you. For anything that has been said, somethings left unsaid and everything in between.

Love Krupa

Photography- Kruthika Pillai
Styling- Krupa

P.S By the time you guys read this I will be almost a Mrs. :D