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The Final Stretch to becoming Mrs.

I woke this morning to realise 3 things
1) I have less than 10 days to go for the wedding
2) Today is my last day in Bangalore as Miss Kays
3) Life as I know is about to change!

I know you might be thinking, 'Oh Good Morning! Finally you woke up'. No, its not like that. I have been super emotional about leaving Bangalore and leaving my parents house and all that jazz. But today morning it was like the countdown had begun. Imagine this huge digital clock ticking away in front of my eyes. This sh*t just got super real!

I know atleast 3 people are going to ask me how I feel. Well, excited for sure. My blouses, saris and accessories are in place and I am super excited about each and every outfit. I am a bit anxious that everything should go on without any glitch. I have been super emotional about leaving the place I grew up in and have been weeping for days now. I am also extremely tired from packing and checking the check list.

So I guess there is a mixture of feelings.

Also I am planning to have some live updates on social media so if you guys want to catch glimpses of it do follow me. Use the hastag #KaysWedsRams to follow the entire journey.

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Anyway, this is it. I have to go now. See you on the other side folks!!

miss kays (P.S this will always remain as my sign off. Not changing it to Mrs)