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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Banjaras Skin +ve Beauty Cream

banjaras skin positive beauty cream

Hey everyone!!

Guess who is back to blogging?? Me Me Me!! Woohoo!!!

It feels so good to be typing away on my laptop again, my fingers are literally flying off the keyboard in excitement.  We got back from the honeymoon and a small vacation on the day of my birthday and I walked into the house (my new place in Chennai) to find parcels of products waiting for me. I had also received products before the wedding but of course I never got the time to really take a look at that properly. But now, I won't be restarting tuitions up until like April so it will be just the blog, which means a lot more posts.
To add to everything else I went crazy shopping at Singapore (come on, its my birthday month) and I got some lovely birthday and wedding gifts. You know what that means right? Haul Post is coming up next. I am just trying to collate everything and click pictures. Boy am I excited!!

So getting into the first review here. Well it isn't a complete review, I have used these products only for a week now so it more like a First Impressions post. I figured I would get back into the flow of writing with a bunch of mini reviews, and first impressions posts. I am still trying to get back into a routine here in Chennai. I live with my in laws, which naturally means that I am trying to balance time for myself along with time for them, time with Mr Kays and a social life. I am doing nothing, yet everything which is why it just feels so hectic.

Right, Rambling over.

banjaras skin positive beauty cream
Banjaras Skin positive beauty cream and body lotion

Banjaras is a brand that has been around about a decade and is probably one of the first herbal skincare brands that I had ever heard of. I think the Banjaras Peel off Orange mask was one of their older products that I had tried a long time ago.

This around, Banjaras has a very practical campaign going around which talks about having beautiful skin irrespective of colour of your skin.

Check out their campaign video here called Be Fair to Your Loved Ones. It is one of the most sensible and realistic campaign videos that I have seen in a while.

The concept of being fair to be beautiful is some how a very Indian mindset. I absolutely hate it and that's one reason why I have never endorsed any whitening products here on the blog. The Banjaras Skin +ve Beauty Cream might sound like it falls under the category of whitening products, but it isn't.

banjaras skin positive beauty cream
Banjaras Skin Positive Beauty Cream

The Banjaras Skin +ve Beauty Cream is all about getting that healthy flawless skin. Housed in a simple tube package which is easy to squeeze and use, this cream is really lightweight. It is filled with pomegranate actives and has a really light pleasant fruity scent. The scent does not linger for long. For my oily skin ans especially in the humid conditions of Chennai, this cream is perfect. It is hydrating without being sticky or making my skin more oily. If you have more dry skin, then this may not be hydrating for the winter months. I know that it definitely brightens my skin when I wear it, because I tested it by using it on half of my face and used another cream on the other, then stood in front of my husband and asked him if he could see a difference. Guess what? He could see that one of my face looked brighter (the side with Banjaras) than the other. I mean if he could make out, then it is definitely doing a good job. It has also SPF which means that you are protected from the sun.

Does this beauty cream reduce marks and make my skin look younger? Well its a bit too early to comment on that. A little more prolonged usage will give me a better idea.

So far am really liking the Banjaras Skin +ve beauty cream

banjaras skin positive beauty cream
Banjaras Skin positive body lotion

I also received the Banjaras Skin +ve Body Lotion. Priced at 140INR for 200ml, I really like this lotion, It is light but more hydrating than the Beauty Cream, smells like strawberry ice cream and hydrates my skin for about 4 hours. Not hydrating enough for the winter season if you are in a city with dry air like Bangalore. But here in Chennai, this works well and I don't feel the need for a body butter.

Well that's all for today folks. I don't have a blog schedule this month because I am still trying to figure out timings that work best for me to sit and blog. But I definitely do have more posts coming up. So stay tuned.

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