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Bridal Skincare: Day Time routine with Aroma Essentials

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Confession: I miss being a bride.

I had a better routine as a bride. I was exercising regularly and I was taking care of myself very religiously. Now, a month a bit after the wedding I have zero routine. I actually get up later then I used to get up when I was not married, exercise is a thing of the past, and skincare, right now includes wash my face with whatever facewash lies around, apply Banjaras skin positive beauty cream and go about the day.

My bridal skincare was simple and straightforward. I used only Aroma Essentials products for atleast 6 weeks before the wedding and even after (up until the point where I shifted and could not find all of the products).Here are the products that I used every morning and some steps that I followed to get that glowing skin. I will cover night time skincare in a different post.

Use a dedicated facewash. Soap can just too drying at times. It is always better to use a facewash depending upon your skin type. If you have combination skin, then have atleast 2 -3 facewashes that serve different purposes. I was alternating between the tomato facewash and lavender facewash, both from Aroma Essentials. The Aroma Essentials Tomato facewash was for when my skin felt oily and dirty. It really gives instant freshness and a clean feeling. The Lavender facewash was for the days when my skin felt sensitive, like after a derma abrasion. If you have acne prone skin then I would suggest trying a neem based facewash.
Pricing- 175INR for 60ml

Natural Skincare in India
Aroma essentials Bridal Kit

Next lets talk about toning. Honestly, I buy toners, but never use them properly. I usually forget about them. However when I do make the attempt to use a toner, rose water is generally what I reach for. I love how it feels and smells. During the weeks before my wedding, I wasn’t using any toner at all. My skin felt perfectly fine without it. Do try rose water and if you feel that your skin reacts better with the toner, then include it in your skincare routine. I would recommend the Kama Ayurveda Distilled Rose water.

These are really tricky because finding that perfect one that fulfills all your skin’s requirements is really hard. Again I would suggest having 2-3 options to alternate between.
I have oily to combination skin, which means that most moisturisers are either too oily or not hydrating enough. For a very long time I was using a water based moisturizer from L’Oreal (L'Oreal Hydrafresh Aqua Cream) and then I was use the TrueWhite Emulsion from ZA. Then for a while I was using only the Vitamin E serum from The Body Shop. For my bridal skincare routine, I alternated between the Aloe Moist moisturizer from Aroma Essentials and the Vitamin E serum depending how my skin felt after washing. The thing about the Aloe Moist moisturizer is that if you use too much it can be very drying. You need just a drop or two but it never feels enough, so you end up using more and then it feels too dry. Some days I would layer the Vitamin E serum and the Aloe moisturizer if my skin felt too dry. The Aloe Moist moisturizer has no smell and is very gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin.
Pricing- 250INR for 35ml

Natural Skincare in India
Aroma Essentials Aloe Moist Moisturiser

Natural Skincare in India
Aroma Essentials Aloe Moist Moisturiser

I am sure that you have heard everyone stress on the importance of using sunscreen every day and I am horrible at doing that. In fact the only time I use a sunscreen properly is when I go on a beach holiday. However Madhu (founder of Aroma Essentials) told me that it was very important to use a sunscreen especially since I was getting dermaabrasion done which could leave my skin extra sensitive. So I used sunscreen as religiously as possible. The Carrot Sun Block is what was sent to me as part of my bridal skincare kit. It is mild and doesn’t have a very prominent smell. You need to use just a very small amount because it can leave you looking extremely white otherwise. When I used this in tandem with the Aloe Moist moisturizer, I found that my skin felt more hydrated not as dry. The sunscreen was definitely oily so I would say use sparingly, and don’t forget to cover the neck portion.
Pricing- 300INR for 35g

Aroma Essentials Sun Block
Aroma Essentials Carrot Sun Block

Aroma Essentials Carrot Sun Block
Aroma Essentials Carrot Sun Block

Lip balm:
This is one product that I always have multiple of. Every bag that I use often will have one, my shelf has one and I have Vaseline in my travel kit and bathroom. The lip balm that I am currently using is the Aroma Essentials Orange Grapefruit lip balm. It smells grapefruity and tastes grapefruity as well (that’s what the husband says). Ever since I started using this, I have not had chapped lips at all. My lips are still dry, but that’s because I don’t drink enough water (we shall talk about importance of water in a bit). Despite being dry, I haven’t had any cuts on my lips or chapped lips at all so far. Love love this lip balm and I now carry it with me everywhere. I just received a new flavor and I am super excited to try that as well.
Pricing- 175INR

Aroma Essentials
Aroma Essentials Orange Grapefruit Lip Balm

Aroma Essentials
Aroma Essentials Orange Grapefruit Lip Balm

This is what my day time skincare routine was like. I would carry the lip balm and the sunscreen around all the time so that I could reapply as needed.

Okay that was one long post!!! Stay tuned for the night time routine and a dedicated post outlining a rough timeline for your skincare leading up to the wedding. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you want me to write about related to bridal skincare.

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