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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Veda Earth Products

So as you all know, Cyclone Vardah hit Chennai last week, and it hit hard!! We had no current for 3 days and no Wi-Fi for over a week. I had just gotten back to sitting and writing posts and then this happened, so I was stuck again without being able to work. Products have been piling up and hopefully now that the current is back and sort of stable, I am drafting posts so that as soon as Wi-Fi is back up I can upload them one by one. (P.S. I am uploading this using a hotspot because ACT is terrible and I have no Wi-Fi still)

Today’s First Impressions post is on some VedaEarth products that I received during the wedding week and I just didn’t get time to open it or use it. There was so much of shuffling around between places that it took me a few days to even find the box and open it.

I was sent 2 products for review and I have finally gotten around to using these products

1) Anti Hair Fall Oil
Priced at 405INR for 100 ml.

All Veda Earth products are made from pure ingredients, naturally extracted based upon traditional medicine methods but with a modern twist, making it perfect for the woman of today.

The Anti Hair Fall oil contains Rosemary, Coriander and Palmarosa extracts.
I’ve used this oil 3 times till now and the first thing that I love about it is that it smells. Not unpleasant or strong in any way. I apply it to my scalp and the ends of my hair, keep it on for an hour or so and then wash it off with a mild shampoo like The Body Shop Rainforest shampoo. The result is that my hair feels very soft and silky even without conditioner. I cannot comment on the anti-hair fall part yet, because that would require more use, but the in shower hair fall has been less with use of this oil.

2) Anti Pigmentation kit- Face Pack + Facial oil combo.
Priced at 565INR for the kit.

This Anti Pigmentation kit contains a face pack and a facial oil that is to be used with the face pack. The face pack is housed in a glass bottle and comes with a wooden spoon. The ingredients in the face pack include white turmeric and mango ginger, 2 ingredients which are not very commonly used. The face pack needs to be mixed with a few drops of the facial oil and some water or rose water to make a paste. After that it is applied and kept on for about 20 minutes. I usually take a power nap with a face pack on because it forces me to wake up within about 20- 30 minutes at the maximum. The facial oil contains turmeric, cypress oil and benzoin. When I washed off the face pack, my face looked visibly brighter and felt smooth. It also smelled very pleasant. I have used this only twice and cannot yet comment on how well it reduces pigmentation. I will have a complete review up after using it for atleast 6 weeks.
I think the idea of a combo kit is fabulous because most of us don't have time to use multiple products. So including premium skincare products into one kit just makes it so much easier for the woman on the go.

These are just 2 of the Veda Earth products that I have talked about here. I did in fact receive another hamper for the contest that they held and will probably talk about those products in another post.

So far, I like both these products from VedaEarth and I really like what the brand stands for. I loved being a part of the #SheisaVEWoman campaign and I am super excited to try more of their products.

What products of Veda Earth interests you the most? Do let me know in the comments section below and I will try to review those as well.

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*Disclaimer- Products sent by the brand in exchange for my honest opinion.