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MAC Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit - First Impressions + swatches

MAC nutcracker Sweet collection India

Somethings in life are worth waiting for. My husband (totally worth it), the Michael Kors bag (oh the beauty), and my first set of MAC lipsticks (yaaay). Yup, I was a beauty blogger without a single MAC lipstick in her stash and now, I have 4!

Originally this was going to be a part of my haul post, but the truth is if I did that with swatches it would become a really long post. So lets just dedicate an article to this beauty, shall we?

Talking about the collection itself, MAC releases limited edition collections depending upon the season and this time it is inspired by Nutcracker Sweet, a love story between a nutcracker shaped like a prince and a doll. The Nutcracker Sweet collection is whimsical with shades of pinks and mauves that have shimmer and sheen. There are individual lipsticks, eye kohl pencils, pigments and some gift sets perfect for the holiday season.

The packaging.
What attracted me the most towards this collection was definitely the packaging. With stripes, polka dots or stars printed on a dark mauve backdrop, the kit looks very fairytale-ish and the addition of the gold makes it extra festive.

MAC nutcracker Sweet collection India
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

MAC nutcracker Sweet lipstick
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

So there are multiple gift sets available in this collection. There are options of lip colours with eye pigments and kohl pencils. There are also mini brush sets. Each gift set is packaged slightly differently. The one I chose opens out like a drawer and is just too adorable.

The Red Lipstick Kit.
Priced at 68SGD approx. 3400INR 

I chose the Red Lipstick kit for a few reasons
  • These are the regularly available shades in a mini version.
  • The colours seemed perfect for the fall season and the festive season and more importantly looked perfect for Indian skintone. The shades in the other kits seemed like they would wash me out.
  • I was getting 4 lipsticks at a price where I could normally get only 2 full size lipsticks from MAC.
  • The small size means that I can use these up and then invest the shade that I liked the most, rather than buy a full lipstick, only to find that I didn’t like it.
  • I was afraid that this limited edition collection would not be available in India but it turns out it has started to sell MAC online. I am super duper excited about that!! 

The Shades
There are 4 shades in this kit. 2 that are matte and 2 that are satin.

MAC nutcracker Sweet collection
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

MAC nutcracker Sweet red lipstick kit
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

MAC nutcracker Sweet collection swatches
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

MAC Red- I know most people would probably have wanted Ruby Woo in the gift set, but I think its nice that they have put out a lipstick kit with shades that are not their top 5 shades. I think it is a good option to try out other shades and not just the most raved ones. This is again a satin shade.

Rebel- looks like a dark purple in the tube, but it actually translates into a very wearable berry pink on the lips. This has a satin finish and is super easy to swipe and go.

Diva- another one from the matte collection that a lot of people say is not raved about enough. It looks pretty dark in the tube like a brown shade. However on the lips it is a pretty maroon shade. Again, it cannot be used without a lip balm for me.

Lady Danger- a reddish orange shade that translates into orange on my lips. This is from the matte collection and is really matte. I can’t swipe it across my lips with ease unless I have a lip balm on. It is super pigmented.

MAC nutcracker Sweet collection
Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit

Overall I love love this lip kit and I am so excited that I picked it up.

I will definitely have some looks up featuring these lip shades. I have already posted a few on Instagram. Do check it out and let me know.

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