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Bell Sleeves and Shift Dress from Howrah Bridge.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a story of a pair of jeans that fits 4 different girls and how they make a pact to share the pair of jeans. Of course it is also a story about how friends are always there for you no matter the distance and that nothing can really come in the way of true friendship, but for the purpose of this blog, lets focus on the fact that one pair of jeans fit 4 different body types. Did all the 4 girls look the same in it? No. They each styled it in their own way and looked stunning in it. 


REVIEW: LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation.

It has been a while since I had a guest writer here, so today's review is by a fellow makeup junkie. 

Let's take a look at what she has to say.


EXPERIENCE: Dialogues in the Dark x Jewlot

This is one of those post that as been delayed for a really long time because I think I am still searching for words to describe my experience.


Why cleansing with essential oils is important feat Veda Earth


I live in Chennai. I have oily skin. It is now summer. And I am talking about using essential oils to cleanse my skin. You must be thinking I am insane right?

Well no.


Coloured Eyeliner for Summer feat Revlon PhotoReady Kajal

It has been so long since I posted a makeup look here. Not that I don't wear makeup. I mean if you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I am always attending weddings and other functions so I do wear a lot of makeup. It is just that somehow when it comes to clicking pictures I don't always get the time to do that because I actually do my makeup really slowly. I find it very therapeutic and I try to get perfection especially with my eye liner every time.


How to Keep Calm and Blog.

It is kind of ironical that I am writing this post at I time when I am extremely stressed. Maybe it is my way of reminding myself that there are ways for me to keep calm and I should probably be focussing on that rather than stressing on what I cannot control.


2 ways to wear Florals for Summer

So after an unintended hiatus for a month, I am back and back with so much more content. This entire month will have a lot of summer special fashion posts because well, lets face it, I live in a city where Summer is the season that trends the longest. (Also this summer series is very much inspired by Curios and Dreams. They have been having a summer series featuring a lot of makeup and skincare. So make sure to check out their series by clicking here)


Being a #ChennaiPonnu feat Himalaya

When I told my friends that I was engaged to a boy settled in Chennai, I got the most mixed set of reactions. Most of them were "but Chennai is so HOT". Some of them where like 'Why Chennai though? Did you not find any Bangalore boys?"  But those who know me best, know that deep down I am a hardcore Chennai Ponnu (Chennai girl). They knew that Chennai is where I would be at home- heart and soul and told " I see you've found your perfect place to move to."


Launch of Anuswara- Craftsvilla's in house brand.

Launch of Anuswara by Craftsvilla and Femina India

The launch of Anuswara, Craftsvilla's 3rd in-house brand, took place in Bangalore last week and we bloggers got front row seats to see the latest collection. Femina India, along with Craftsvilla put together a fashion show to for us bloggers to see the range in action.


DIY Nail Art #5 feat The Polish Yard

So 4 tutorials are done, just 2 more to go. On the previous few posts we have had people talking about how amazing the nail art looks on long nails. But hey, who said that those with short nails can't get nail art done. This one is specifically for you ladies who have nail biting issues or nails that just don't grow long.


Lavender Showers feat The Herb Boutique

This year has not been easy so far. Shifting cities, trying to find my place in the new family, learning how life in Chennai is, dealing with the heat, and of course trying to maintain this blog + the new travel and food blog-Iris Montage. There are compromises to make. There are adjustments to be done. And every time I think I have found a routine, it gets blown away by the winds of change. I am slowly coming to accept the fact that THIS IS MY ROUTINE.


REVIEW: Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Satthwa Hair Oil review

Hair fall has become a part of my life and I have started to come to terms with the fact that I will never have the stunning thick black hair that I had in school. I can't really say that there is just one cause for the hairfall but the environment around me has changed so much that I don't think hair fall will ever stop. All I try to do these days is control it and keep it under check. I don't freak out too much at the hair fallen in the shower or the room unless it hits a certain limit. I pacify myself everyday saying that some amount of hairfall is a must every day.


DIY Nail Art #3 feat The Polish Yard

Continuing with the monochrome series, here we have the third one easy-to-do nail art.

Wondering where are number 1 and number 2? Click on the images to see the full version. 

Nail Art 1: Going Dotty 

Nail Art 2-  Triangular Sequence

Nail Art 3 - The Half Moon

This nail art requires absolutely no tools. The polishes that I used this time are Manhattan’s Quick Dry White and Essence’s black.

Step 1: 

Start off with a good base coat as usual and then apply white nail polish. I added two coats for complete opacity.

Step 2:

Next start with the right corner of your cuticle drawing a curve with black nail polish. Well, you need a steady hand for this so keep practising.
Pro tip- Move the finger instead of the nail polish brush 

Watch the video to see how I did it.

Step 3:

Finish the mani with a top coat.

Stay tuned for the next tutorial and tell us how you found this one.

Hope you guys are liking this series so far. Please do share your recreations using the hastag #IAxTPY.

miss kays



All About

I don’t think I have considered myself as a fashion blogger persay. I think I am more of a personal style blogger and honestly I have discovered my personal style through the blog. I love how it has been constantly evolving and how I have managed to showcase so many smaller designers. I am always on the lookout for something different and unique, so when I was introduced to, I was really excited.


EXPERIENCE: Bomb CosmeticsManicure and Perdicure at BodyCraft Spa and Salon

Bodycraft spa and Salon Assaye Road

Hey everyone,

So its been a while since I was here. I have a had a lot on my plate over the last 2 weeks and just have not been able to sit down and write. But that doesn't mean that IshtyleAwhile has been silent. Oh no, not at all. We've been attending events, launches and more. (When I say we, I really mean we. IshtyleAwhile is now building a team and I am super excited.)  You should follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.


The DIY Nail Art Series Feat The Polish Yard- Nail Art 1

nail art ishtyleawhile

Nail Art and me just don't go together. But I still wanted to do a series on the blog with some simple nail art for beginners. So what do I do?
I decided to reach out to The Polish Yard and collaborate with her to do nail art with a step by step tutorial as well, basically nail art for dummies.


EXPERIENCE: Sunday The Spa

Sunday the spa in Bangalore

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.- Jim Goodwin.


Project Pan 2017 : Update 1

Isn't it amazing how fast time moves by. Neha, Pankhuri and me took up the Project Pan challenge at the beginning of this year and we are already 8 weeks into it. How has it been so far you ask?


5 reasons why you need Blogger Friends when you are a fashion blogger.

Bangalore Fashion Bloggers

The fact that I preach about blogging being a community is nothing new. But I am not all words. I practice what I preach and make an effort to reach out to other bloggers and get to know them. Making new friends is so much fun and honestly and I think every blogger, especially the fashion bloggers, need to make friends with more of their own species i.e fellow fashionistas.


#IAFitness: Fitso App Review

Fitso app review

Fitness is a section that I have been waiting to kickstart on this blog. But it didn't seem to make sense to talk about it, until I had started to get fit myself.


Jharonka- A destination for Handloom saris

My love for saris started when I started wearing them for work on an every day basis. In fact this blog started from that love for saris and my desire to feature our ethnic fashion to the modern Indian woman. 


A Beginner's Guide to Styling Waistcoats + Tips

Oh boy oh boy, I have missed blogging here and how!!  The past 2-3 weeks has been weird. One of my ex-colleagues passed away, another family friend passed away and these are all people my parents age. You can imagine how close to home it hits when you hear such news. It has been disturbing and I just haven't been able to focus.

To add to all of that sad news, my uncle had an accident, my father in law hasn't been in the best of health and I have had dime a dozen things to do including get the new blog set up.


Nature will take care of you- By Banjaras


5 Indowestern outfits for Valentine's Day under 3000INR feat

Indowestern outfits for date night
February is synonymous with Valentine's Day and this will be my first one with the husband. Though I don't particularly subscribe to the idea of having only one day to express my love for a person, I think given how crazy everyone's lives are in general, maybe it is good to have atleast one day forced upon us to appreciate the people and relationships in our lives. (Also I love having an extra reason to dress up and go out.)

Now when I say Valentine's Day outfits, I am pretty sure most of you will have images of red or pink dresses or the standard outfit for any date- the LBD (Little Black Dress). Well how about for a change we take a look at some Indo western outfits.


Layering Basic Pieces For Dummies.

Layering basics for work

Disclaimer- If you are a fashionista, then this post is not for you.

I live in Chennai. Chennai does not get cold. Hence layering is never a necessity here. But of course when I had gone back home to Bangalore in January, I got to enjoy the nip in the air and did a shoot with some simple layering. I hoping that this post will be useful for those of you who still have some chilly weather to enjoy. I am not master at the art of layering, so this is literally for those like me who just want to keep it simple and chic.



The Year that was - 2016

Chennai beauty blogger
2016 roundup