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6 important lessons that I learnt as a blogger in 2016

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IshtyleAwhile has been around for 5 years now but if ask me I think I started regularly blogging only from mid 2014 and looked at blogging with seriousness only at the end of 2015. The blog has seen a reasonable growth in readers and followers since then and while I am quite happy, I have my moments where I am not so happy. 2016 was the year when I was a 'full time blogger' and honestly I don't think I was really blogging full time. It takes a lot more to be a full time blogger, which is something needs to be discussed some other time.
Here are 6 lessons that I learnt in 2016.

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Lesson 1: Be patient.

This is true of any career I guess. It takes time to grow and establish. It takes time to gain experience. Being impatient is not going to get you anywhere in the long run. There were a lot of times when I would lose my patience and just end a shoot abruptly because I was tired of shooting. We wouldn't have gotten the best pictures yet but I just couldn't be bothered. I could see a visible difference in the quality of the pictures taken when I was more patient. So yes, be patient.

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Lesson 2: Plan ahead

Another really important lesson to keep in mind. Everyone asked me how I was able to manage to blog up until the month of my wedding. Planning ahead is the only reason why. I didn't want to give up on doing my Navrathri series just because the wedding was around the corner. I planned and shot in advance. I worked on the posts beforehand and everything was scheduled, including the social media posts, way in advance. How you plan is up to you, but do it.

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Lesson 3: Don't compare.

This is the hardest lesson to learn. There were so many times when I looked at other bloggers who started much more recently but were doing better than me (in terms of numbers) in a shorter time. It was slowly killing me on the inside because I felt like nothing I was doing was good enough. I was constantly worrying about not getting invites to events or brand collaborations that for a few months in between I spent more time writing to brands than focussing on the content I could create with what I had already. Occasionally I needed a knock on my head (mostly from Francis) to remind me that I started blogging as a creative outlet and not for others. See that's why everyone needs best friends.

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Lesson 4: Read.

It is not enough to simply create content, publish it and share it on social media. You need to read. You need to read other blogs, you need to read articles relevant to your niche and more importantly read articles on blogging itself so that you can constantly upgrade yourself. This was one thing that I realised much later in the year and I plan to work on it a lot more through this year. If you spend 2 hours writing, spend atleast an hour, split over two sessions, reading.

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Lesson 5: Network without an agenda.

It is okay to have a conversation with a PR person that does not involve you getting free stuff at the end of time. Ask them how they are doing and how they are. Same goes for fellow bloggers. It is kind of rude initiate a conversation only to ask them for the contact details of a brand or how they managed to get an event invite. It doesn't always have to be about business. Be nice to people and help them move forward. One day someone will help you move forward.

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Lesson 6: Take a break.

Some of us are workaholics, ahem ahem, yours truly included. However in 2016 I did take a break for the wedding and I took some time off in between the year when it was getting hectic. The wedding break was fabulous because I told myself and the brand who wanted to collaborate that I would not be available for collabs from mid October to December mid. I gave myself 6 weeks to just enjoy the wedding, the post wedding aftermath, the honeymoon and then get back to working afresh. I did take a bit longer to get back to regular posting, and for a change I didn't lose my cool over it (except once. Okay maybe twice). Anyway the break was fantastic because now I have pretty much settled in my new place and new routine, I can focus on the blog.

So there you go. I am really hoping to up my content this year and bring you all a lot more fabulous articles to read.

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