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Blogging Etiquette 101: Sharing blog posts and social media shoutouts

SEO tips for improving domain authority

Seems kind of apt that this post goes up just as February begins. February, the month of Valentine's day and in general associated with love. Today's article is all about blog post sharing and spreading blog love, or rather the lack thereof.

Every blogger wants to have an article that goes viral and gets picked up by Buzzfeed or gets published on a bigger site. They want to constantly grow their audience and increase their social media numbers. As a part on content curation, they are more than willing to share articles written by strangers from top websites like Vogue and Cosmopolitan but how many of them actually share an article written by a fellow blogger?
How many appreciate the hard work put in by a fellow blogger on social media ?
How many bloggers are willing to add a link to a fellow blogger's site without it being a planned collaboration?

Very very few.

I can never seem to understand why. Are they afraid that another blogger might steal their limelight? Are they so insecure about their own work that they can't bear the idea of appreciating another person's work? Or are they just not able to digest another person's success?

Linking to external sites is an excellent way to build the domain authority of your website and increase SEO.  I am sure most bloggers know this, but yet they hesitate to link to another blog.

SEO tips for improving domain authority

Personally I love giving social media shoutouts and adding links to other blogs in my articles. This is something I have been doing for quite a while now. I think is a great way for my readers to discover new blog. #Girllove is what I truly believe in. Women need to learn to lift each other up and not push each other down. How can one claim to be a strong woman if all she is doing is trampling over others or worse, talking behind their backs. Real strength is being gracious enough to accept that someone is doing better than you because they have worked hard to reach that point. That takes courage.

Now I know this may seem highly targeted at bloggers, but readers are equally passive. They read posts all the time but how many of them share any of the articles they read? A handful. The blogging community isn't only about the writers, but it is about you readers as well. Go ahead, do your part to spread the love.

SEO tips for improving domain authority

Well if you are wondering what I am going to do after talking so extensively about this, here is my plan. I am not all talk and not action. I practise what I preach.

I already have shared fellow bloggers articles in my newsletters last year. This year I am yet to get back to writing the newsletter but you can expect a lot more articles to be quoted in it. So don't forget to subscribe to me by email.

Also this February I intend to spread the love by starting a blog hop. What's that you ask? Well you will just have to wait and see.

Till then let me know what your take on blog sharing is. Leave your comments down below.

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