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Blogging Etiquette 101: About Sponsored Posts/ Paid Posts

This is a topic that has bothered me for quite a while. There are 2 aspects to it.- The readers perspective and the blogger's perspective. I don't think I can really separate it and write it like how I did when I talked about comments because it gets a bit interwined, but I will try my best to be as clear as possible.

As blogger I get products for review and yes these are sent to me for free, but this does not mean that every product I talk about is sent by some brand or paid for. First of all, I don't generally accept payment for a review. I prefer to just try the products and write about them. This again is a controversial topic because I know a lot of bloggers who feel that even if the product is sent to them for review, they should be paid to create the content. That's a whole other debatable topic, but not my topic for the day. 

Now I am this person who very categorically states at the end of any sponsored post, that the products were sent to me for review. However I have noticed that a lot of bloggers don't do this. So as a reader I am left wondering if they have a lot of money that they buy so many products or do so many brands send them products all the time. This is my request to bloggers-

Dear bloggers, please be transparent. Tell us when you get products for review and when you buy them for review. This way I will be able to trust your opinions more and I will know that you are not a sell out. Otherwise my mind, which is naturally the devil's playground, will only assume the wrong things. I will assume that you only write posts if paid for, that you don't actually have any opinions of your own normally, and worst of all, I will assume that because I don't get products or get paid as a blogger, I must be a terrible blogger. Now you really don't want to put a fellow blogger through all that mental hassle. do you now. 

Now the other kind of sponsored post is one where you are paid to write about a brand in a more subtle way. A lot of brands don't let you mention that it is a paid or sponsored post in the actual content, so here is what I do. I add a label or a tag as Paid post and since all the labels are visible in my post, it is easy for my readers to know that I am getting paid for some of the posts.

Personally I think it is important to be transparent and that's when your readers trust you more.

Here is what I have to say to my readers-  

My dear readers, please don't assume that every product I talk about is a freebie. It does hurt when I get comments suggesting that I would anyway write good things about a product because I was paid to do so. My opinions have always been unbiased. I have gotten free products that I haven't liked and I have stated the same without mincing words too much. Also I don't endorse products that I don't believe in. Have you ever seen me endorse brands that don't use or I don't wear? So no, I don't only talk about products that I am paid to talk about.

Now what I do want to know is do you agree with me? Does it matter to you whether or not a blogger states a post is sponsored or not.

Bloggers, do you feel that it does not matter whether you state when a post is sponsored or not?  Or do you feel the same way I do. like every blogger around you
Let me know if I am the only one who feels this way. Maybe this is just me ranting.

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