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EXPERIENCE: Artiste Spa and Salon, Bangalore

The toll of travelling, and not having a proper regime has slowly started to show on my skin and hair. My hair was in a terrible state before the wedding because of all the hard water at my place in Bangalore, and the truth is that my hair has really not recovered from that. I am still struggling to control the hair fall and get my hair back to the way it was about a year ago. My tresses have always been my pride and clearly is paying the price for my current lifestyle. My first step in getting this fixed was to go for a hair cut and a hair spa. The hair cut was essential to get rid of the thinning hair at the ends and the split ends that were creeping in. The hair spa was to breathe some life back into my hair.

I went to Artiste Professionals Spa and Salon, Lavelle Road, for my hair cut and hair spa. Looking at their prices, they are definitely not a high end salon, though the service and the decor may speak otherwise. My stylist for the day was the bubbly Raphael who really knows her way about hair.

Artiste Salon and Spa review

Artiste Salon and Spa review

Artiste Salon and Spa review
Before the hair cut

Artiste Salon and Spa review
Near the pedicure corner

We started with a consultation. Raphael used a really funky looking machine to check the scalp conditions and the density of my hair. Apparently. I have a sensitive scalp and the white flakes on my scalp are dry skin because of sensitivity. This was the first time I had heard anyone describe my scalp as sensitive. That in itself was a revelation to me. She talked me through the steps involved in the Kerastase Experience Ritual.

Then we talked about my hair cut and I was very clear that I definitely wanted to go for but not very steep layers. She suggested that I go for a sort of a straight cut at the bottom and then add layers towards the top. I was more than happy to go a bit shorter than usual because it was very visible that my hair was dying towards the ends. Once the hair cut was decided, the hair spa was started

Step 1: Hair was washed using a Kerastase Bain Vital Derma Calm shampoo meant for sensitive scalp. I picked up this shampoo as well to use at home. (It is a pretty blue and priced pretty heavy at 1700INR!!)

Kerastase Experience Ritual Experience

Step 2: The Fusio Dose treatment was the second step. So the Fusio Dose is basically a concentrated form of treatment meant to focus on your problematic areas. There is a base concentrate and a booster. To deal with my dry hair because of the colouring I did last year, the main concentrate used was Concentre Pixelist, meant for dealing with coloured hair. The booster, Booster Nutrition, was added to deal with my frizzy hair.
The 2 concentrates were mixed together and sprayed all over my hair and scalp.

Kerastase Experience Ritual Experience

Step 3: Deep conditioning with the Kerastase Olio-Relax Masque conditioner was the next step. Raphael gave me a light massage to help the products penetrate deeper within the hair and scalp. We ha a nice chat during this entire time about various myths related to hair and how hair care has changed over the years.

Kerastase Experience Ritual Experience

Step 4: After the Fusio Dose and the deep conditioner had been soaking for about 40 minutes in all, there was a final rinse to get all the product out of my hair.

Step 5: Now it was hair cut time. I loved the outcome. It was like I had bangs again in the front but still long enough to pin away into a ponytail.

Step 6: Raphael said that there was no point in doing a hair spa if I was going to get it blowdry set. So instead she opted to just blast dry it after applying a heat protectant. what you see if the natural wavy of my hair. She did apply a cream based heat protectant (the name of which I did not register) before the blowdry and that's about it.

Hair spa in Bangalore
Post hair spa and hair cut

The pictures don't do justice to the way my hair feels after the hair spa. Even now, 2 weeks later, my hair still has a lot of life and bounce in it. I have been using the Kerastase shampoo and conditioner  as well for 2 weeks.

What I liked the most is the fact that the Kerastase ritual didn't promise some unbelieveable results. Instead it brought the natural beauty of my hair and the effects have been visible for a much loner period. Usually when I get a hair spa, the effect of it wears off in about 2 washes. I have washed my hair atleast 5 times over 2 weeks and it is still very soft, manageable and looks healthy.

In addition to this, I have started revamping my diet to take care of my hair health from within. More on that when I have actually worked out what works best for my hair.

Hair spa in Bangalore
With Raphael

Hair spa in Bangalore
A few hours after the hair spa

Now pricing.
The Kerastase Experience Ritual is priced at 2500INR + tax for a session of 60 minutes. This is a really good pricing considering that it is Kerastaase products and it is definitely less expensive than other hair spas that I have tried in the past.

The hair cut with a senior stylist cost 1700INR + tax.

In addition to this, Francis got a pedicure because. well. he had nothing to do while I was getting my hair done. His pedicure was 750INR + tax.

You can opt for a 30 minute version or just add the Fusio Dose as an add-on during your hair cut or hair wash.

I am currently using the Kerastase Shampoo and Masque that were recommended for me and will have reviews of those up as well.

Let me know if you have tried the Kerastase Experience Ritual and what you think about it.

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*Disclaimer: The Kerastase Experience Ritual was offered to me by the salon in return for my honest review on the same. The rest of the services were paid for by me.